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NSW RFS Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Vlog 2 – BA Exercise

We’re here today at Galston High School
for the district breathing apparatus exercise we’re going to head inside, find
Ryan and he’s gonna let us know everything that’s going to happen. Hi, my name’s Ryan. I’m the exercise
controller of the event we’ve organized at Galston High School. A structural exercise
to test the seven brigades involved and approximately 70 personnel. So we’re
using this exercise to familiarize the crews with the grounds of Galston High
School. This also provides great feedback for the school and the district’s
themselves of how we can work better together in the event of a fire
occurring again. A few of the things they’ve incorporated in the exercise are
breathing apparatus operators down. We’ve also incorporated asbestos and how
crews will need to handle this in the event of a real fire as well.

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