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New Springdale fire station

BEEN HIGHER WITH NUMBERS STILL at 10 AM whether rain will force them to delay the groundbreaking of a new fire station. 40/29’s John Paul is live in Springdale to show us what to expect at the construction site this morning THE ORANGE BARRELS ARE OUT… THAT WILL REDUCE TRAFFIC TO ONE LANE SO YOU CAN PARK AND ENJOY TODAY’S GROUND BREAKING HERE ON DON TYSON PARKWAY NEAR 71 …FOR FIRE STATIONS 2 AND 3. VOTERS SUPPORTED A BOND IN 2012 TO PAY FOR THE NEW STATIONS. THE CHIEF TOLD US THIS WILL HELP THEM GET TO YOUR HOUSE SOONER “we still have a good core group here with station 1.but that allows us to move further south for good response times…at station 2 and further north for good response times at station 3.” THE GROUNDBREAKING BEGINS AT 11:30. LIVE IN SPRINGDALE, I’M JOHN PAUL. 40/29 NEWS. You can go to the groundbreaking for free. You don’t need any sort of registration or ticket.

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