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New Firefighting Tool

CENTRAL ARKANSAS FIRE DEPARTMENT IS HOPING TO SAVE TIME AND LIVES WITH A NEW PIECE OF EQUIPMENT áá THAT’S ABOUT THE SIZE OF AN iPHONE. FOX 16’S HILARY HUNT… SHOWS US WHY THIS COULD COME IN HANDY áá WHEN IT MATTERS MOST. ((HILARY)) THE CONWAY FIRE DEPARTMENT TELLS ME THE NEW SMALL THERMAL IMAGING DEVICES WILL NOT ONLY HELP THEM FIND A FIRE FASTER BUT ALSO FIND YOU IF YOU ARE TRAPPED INSIDE. (samuel brannon, conway firefighter) “you cant see anything…smoke it banked down….its hot and you dont know what is infront of you” ((HILARY)) ITS LIKE A SECOND SET OF EYES…WHEN FIREFIGHTERS LIKE SAMUEL BRANNON ARE SENT TO A BLAZE. (samuel brannon, conway firefighter) “the thermal imagers lp a n see whe the seed the fire is. you can attack the seed of the fire instead of trying to find it” ((HILARY)) THESE ARE ONES THE CONWAY FIRE DEPARTMENT HAS USED OVER THE YEAR….CAPTAIN CHAD DAVIS SAYS THESE CRUCIAL TOOLS HAVE COME A LONG WAY. (captain chad davis, conway fire) “these imagers here are like carrying your cellphone. the ones we used to carriy added another 15 lbs to our gear” ((HILARY STAND UP)) “right now you can see me perfectly fine but for the fire fighters it is pitch black and smokie…so this is how they are going to find you” (captain chad davis, conway fire) “i know exactly what im looking at…where before id get such a black and white image i would have to pick it out ” ((HILARY)) THAT IMPROVED CLARITY GETTING FIRE FIGHTER LIKE SAMUEL BRANNON… (samuel brannon, conway firefighter) “you can see where you are going and get straight there” ((HILARY)) TO YOU FASTER…WHEN MINUTES MATTER. ((HILARY)) THESE ARE MORE THAN STROBE LIGHT FEATURE…THE LIGHT IS SO BRIGHT IT CAN BEEN SEEN THROUGH THE SMOKE TO HELP ALERT OTHER FIREFIGHTERS OF WHERE THEIR TEAMMATES ARE ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE WITH A VICTIM. ((KEVIN)) A MISSISSIPPI COMPANY OFFICIALLY APPLIES FOR A CASINO LICENSE IN POPE

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