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Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting Greybull

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh it IS a
plane, in fact lots of planes. This is sort of an odd sight just North of
Greybull, WY. Have you have ever driven by and wondered
what this collection of old planes was? It’s the Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting. This outdoor, admission free museum was founded
in 1987 and incorporated in 1992. There are many museums dedicated to aviation
history but this one is unique in that it focuses on the aircrafts used to fight forest
fires. The technology to spot and fight fires has
drastically improved. In the 1920’s, they tried dumping water-filled
beer kegs out of the back seat of a single engine airplane. Now, they can precisely drop fire retardant
material on the front lines with air tankers. This museum contains dozens of the last remaining
World War II bombers, numerous types of helicopters and the KC-97, the world’s largest air tanker. They restore and retire historical planes
such as four of the last remaining flying PB4Y-2 planes used against the Japanese in
the South Pacific. This is certainly not your typical museum
as there are no signs or guided tours. What a unique collection of flight history
as humans have battled Mother Nature’s fierce fires and fought world wars. Stop by and check it out for yourself. From the University of Wyoming Extension,
I’m Mae Smith, Exploring the Nature of Wyoming.

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