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Mum ‘could smell daughter’s burning flesh’ after gang threw firework at her

 A horrified mum could smell her teenage daughter’s burning flesh when a gang threw a firework at her  Emily Godfrey was left screaming in agony as her flesh burned from the explosive   The 15-year-old was leaving Webster Park in  Kirkby  when she hit with a firework to the back of her legs, reports the Liverpool Echo  Her Mum Natalie, said she could “smell her daughter’s skin” as they rushed her to hospital after the “horrendous” incident  She said: “It was horrendous getting that phone call to say she had been hit by a firework  “She’s my baby I just wanted to know she was okay.  “I had text her earlier in the night saying ‘mum was bored come home’ and she said she would be home soon – I keep thinking if she would have come home this wouldn’t have happened  “We had to lay her on her front going to the hospital because she could not lay on her back – I could smell her legs burning the whole way  “When the doctor saw Emily he could smell the burning too.”  Natalie said Emily had been at the Kirkby Park, a place she goes to regularly with friends, but they decided to leave after noticing a gang at the other side of the field with fireworks  But as they neared the gates of Webster Park to leave the gang threw a firework, which hit Emily despite her friend trying to push her out of its path  Natalie added: “She has been left with burns to both legs and one on her bum too   She is bruised too from the impact.  “She was wearing a black designer coat, and I keep thinking if the firework had hit her any further up her whole coat would have gone up in flames  “In hospital, the doctors told us Emily’s burns are superficial and have hit her nerve endings so she’s been given strong painkillers  “When it happened Emily had a panic attack.  “The shock must have kicked in around 11pm last night as near enough on the hour, every hour, she was throwing up ”  The mum said her daughter, who is now at home, but struggling to walk due to her injuries, is due back in hospital tomorrow when doctors will be able to assess her recovery time  The family has also reported the incident to Merseyside Police.  Natalie and her husband are now hoping those who threw the firework will be caught  She said: “Emily has already said she is never going to that park again.  “It’s scary to think this could have all been 100 times worse, it just doesn’t even bear thinking about  “It could have been her face.”

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