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MS Forestry Commission Deploys Wildland Firefighting Strike Teams to Texas

I am the Heavy Equipment Boss I’ll be taking
two dozer units out with two swampers. We’re going to Texas, West Texas, to help
them on their fires. Probably in the Abilene area, we’ll be assisting
them. Probably in the next two weeks we’ll be there. I been with the Mississippi Forestry Commission
for 26 years and I’ve been going out West on detail since 2008. It’s a challenge, every fire is different. You learn new things, new techniques, that
we can use out West that they use that we can bring here. A lot of the time we can share some of the
stuff that we do back here, and they use it so, it’s a learning process – plus you’re
helping you know the public in that state. You never know, one day they may have to come
help us. We do a lot of training through the year that
preps us for going out West. It’s a good group of guys, I’ve been out with
a couple of them before, a couple of them I haven’t been out with yet, but everything
I’ve heard about all of them has been great. When you go out you meet new friends, new
bonds, you stay in touch. And then through the years this is probably
the only time I get to see this group of guys. It’s important to go help, we’ve been on several
details and you go out there and it’s really sad when you pull up. And you see subdivisions and there’s nothing
but slabs. And, you know, them people lost everything
they got. So, if we can go help and contribute to saving
somebody’s house somebody’s property, it means a lot to them. You know, we enjoy doing this. Any firefighter it just gets in your blood
and you love doing it.


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