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Motu Patlu New Episode | Cartoons | Kids TV Shows | Motu Patlu The Bus Driver | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu. My bus is now in your care. Take good care of it. Yes Sir. Only ‘Yes Sir’? No no no. When I talk to you, you will salute. And then say, ‘Yes Sir’. Okay? Salute Sir. Yes Sir. Patlu. There are same orders for you. You will also salute. Understood? Yes Sir. Turn there. Move fast. Sit in the bus. Drive the vehicle. What is all this Patlu? He is an army man. Okay. Understood. Will he make us do a parade day and night? Ticket please. Stop. What are you doing? Sir. I was telling the vehicle to start on 1 2 3. 1 2 3. Start. That is why I was doing it back and forth. Don’t you dare do something like that. All these orders are for you. Whenever you see me you will salute me first you will speak then you will do anything else. You won’t speak directly. I like discipline. Yes Sir. Yes Sir? Where is the salute? Salute Sir. Patlu, must I send an invitation card for you? No Sir. Very good. Take the vehicle and go. Major Sir has given Motu Patlu work. I’ll see how they will work. I won’t let their bus work. We will parade. Parade. Such a wonderful way to drive the bus. You saved us all. Motu Patlu. What am I hearing? There was a tree log lying on some road. And you flew the bus from there and got out? Yes Sir. Major Sir is standing in front. Salute him Patlu. Who will hold the steering? Motu. Handle the bus Motu. What are you doing? These are the instructions of the Boss. As long as we are talking, keep on saluting and standing. You aren’t holding the steering? Stop saluting and hold the steering. Yes Sir. Patlu I’ll handle it. Don’t worry. Be careful. There are so many stones. Motu Patlu Was the bus saved or not? Saved Sir. Saved. You should absolutely not come on screen while I’m driving Sir. Or else I will salute and the bus will go here and there. Okay. Okay. I’ll be careful. I made such an amazing plan but it failed. Their job was saved. Now I will have to think of something else. Major Sir is standing in front. Salute Patlu! First apply the brakes! [Push the brakes] Major Sir has not replied to the salute yet. First let him answer. Will you kill him? He won’t be left in a state to give an answer to the salute then. What happened? Stop. Stop the bus. Sir you haven’t replied to the salute. Take this. I am answering to your salute. Stop the bus Motu Patlu. Stop the bus. Where are you Sir? I cannot see you. I am hanging behind the bus. Motu hit the brakes. Motu hit the brakes! I’ll apply. Sir. [Sir.] Sir. Where are you? You are not meant to drive a bus. I will immediately take the bus from you. Sir I will drive the bus. Let me drive. Make Motu the conductor. Please. Okay Patlu. I trust you. But you are not driving the bus now. Who will salute? Yes Sir. Must I give you an invitation card? No Sir. I will salute you. Let’s go. They are useful men. They can handle the situation when it comes down to it. Go quickly. The bus is coming. Stop. Stop. Stop the bus. [Come. Come.] Where will you go Sir? Brother. Go. Go. We cancelled the plan. If you didn’t want to go then why did you stop the bus? Wasting the time. Hello Major. There is a bomb put behind your bus. If the bus stops, the bomb will blast. Who are you? Who? Who am I? John will become a Don. John will become a Don. I will not let you off. Motu Patlu. Don’t stop the bus. There is a bomb under the bus. If the bus stops, the bomb will blast. What should we do now? Patlu let me drive the bus. Motu what should we do? What should we do?! Very good Patlu. Now I’ll see where the bomb is. It’s not here. Could it be here? It’s not here either. Sir, who has put this bomb? Somebody was saying ‘John will become the Don’ on the phone. So this is all done by John the Don. Patlu you only do something now/. I cannot think on an empty stomach. Motu, I’ll call Chingum Sir. You handle the steering. Take it. Okay. Hello Chingum Sir? I’ll be there right away. John’s there! What is this sound? Where are you taking me? Let em go. Now tell us where have you put the bomb? Or else the bomb will blast, the bus will blow apart and you will also blow apart along with the bus. This is wrong. You have no morals only in you. You will blow me with my own bomb. John brother how do you feel above? Now tell us, where have you put the bomb? I won’t tell you. I won’t tell you. Okay John brother. As you wish. Patlu apply the brakes a bit. Okay. No Motu. Don’t do this. Don’t do this. Don’t push the brakes. No no John brother. Let us hit the brakes. We all will go up together to God. Hit the brakes and I’ll hit you. Save me. Think about me too. Save me. I was saved due to God’s grace! Now tell me John, where will you go? Tell me where have you put the bomb? I’ll tell you my big brother. I’ll tell you. What will happen to my bus? The bomb is on that. I have put the bomb down only. Down. Okay John. Now you only go down and diffuse the bomb. Go. But me- Don’t leave my hand. Motu my hand cannot reach there. Okay Alright. I will go down. Okay. Catch the bomb John. Chingum Sir come fast. We have caught John. Now we will give him a punishment. Now as long as you run, the bomb will not blast. As soon as you stop, the bomb will blast. Run. Run! Somebody remove this bomb. Help. Somebody help me. Motu Patlu. You both are very brave people. You saved my bus and my passengers. I am very happy. Continue driving the bus like this. All the best. No Sir. This is not within our scope of work. You gave us an opportunity to work here, thank you for that Sir. Thank you very much. Okay Motu Patlu. No problem. Whenever you need some work, tell me. Now who will salute? Now we don’t work for you anymore. Still salute? Come on… let’s just do it. Salute Sir. Stop staring and subscribe


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