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Most Awkward End To A Date Ever! | First Dates Australia

what if mean to you what is your
definition. other than watching Snoopy together it’s
really about like two people who have a full cup that energy is like overflowing
and then when you have an interaction with somebody else essentially you can
share in that energy exchange yeah all of us express and experience love in
different ways I should shit so like then I’m gonna relationship I express my
feelings of love the other person sure like affectionate touch and through
quality time together right but some people don’t experience love that made
oh so it’s tough for all of us like whoever I end up with there’s
somebody who’s probably got about the same right yeah so like if I if I
connect with somebody that has a love language it’s like gifts like sure I can
buy stuff for the person but it’s because it’s not my natural like it’s
not my natural way of showing how I love someone yeah I mean I’m sure you get
that right being willing to bet hostednetwork you stay together forever
that is my definition yeah for sure yeah nice
cool do you want to grab your drinks and and I’ll grab the let’s see where we go
I can grab you want to do like a split with your
drinks and stuff are just like pay for whatever cool okay awesome
and I’ll just pay for what I got oh my god kill me immediately I’m just paying
for what I got okay that’s interesting um let me see so maybe it’s easy if I
just deal with the gentleman had an L oh yeah
– 48:59 where’s my wallet that old chestnut I think my wallet might
actually be outside I’m strangely enough this is awkward
I’m a derivatives trader I’m used to paying my own way that’s fine but the
whole oh my god I forgot my wallet blah blah blah like I think I might have been
like a ploy to try to like make me pay for him okay perfect
could I just fix that up I’m just gonna duck out and grab my wallet I can clean
dishes behind the kitchen if you like yeah this is a bit impersonal isn’t it I
don’t know is it well for me or for you you do have to settle the check yeah of
course would you like to take my cell phone it’s worth about $1300 take that
it’s clever I can take your cell phone yet FA okay here we go
thank you very much no works I care that until I see you again thanks for
watching thanks girls we’ll be back very much
thank you yeah we had a bit of a day there yep I really enjoyed engaging with you like
right from the start I thought it was really cool how I thought it was really cold house
essentially you like a really good listener and like you communicated your
ideas really well I thought that was really cool yeah what are your thoughts on the date I think it’s surprising that you use
weren’t engaged no offense but I found like that I was talked at a lot rather
than you no questions asked you know things about me and everything
no offense but like I felt like most of time you’re talking about yourself I felt like I couldn’t get a word in I’m
sorry but yeah so yeah make sure you subscribe to get a regular serving of
love and romance you


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