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Midweek Politics w/David Pakman AZ & GOP Hispanic Backfire, BP Leak Stopped, an Apology

it’s business with politics davek men welcome back to the defaulted picture to
visit us on the web that may be faulted dot com enforce on twitter twitter dot
com slash mid-week politics it’s not often lewis that work but
brahma michelle we did say something which is inaccurate
a couple of weeks ago hype received an email about it and i
want to set the record straight a couple of weeks ago we were talking about a
legal immigration and crime committed by a legal immigrants and i cited some
statistics from edco all ski who would presented one set of data a few years
ago which suggested one number of murders by a legal immigrants and then of more recent numbers which show did
drastically reduced reduced number of murders are crimes whatever it was by a
legal immigrants and i said among other things implied that and kowalski had referred to maturity illegal
immigrants he did not do that it was a mistake we brought the wrong information and he
did not say that i want to be very clear now it the criticism still stands which
is that i don’t understand how he can be so critical over how
poorly we are protecting criminal legal immigrants when he citing
numbers that suggest crimes committed by a legal immigrants have gone down so
significantly he’s offered to come on the show hopefully will have them on some points
soon but i do want to make clear that i did not hear personally nor did i read that ed kowalski use the term dirty
illegal immigrants that is that fair to say louis i think that is the bases um… if it doesn’t we might get an
email find out asking him further repetitions far as i know it does you
know i was thinking about the whole arizona integration locking it there’s something
them to me about the republican party choosing two and arizona choosing to
pick on what’s going to be the largest ethnic group in the u_s_
senate in some years as mail isn’t that going to backfire at
some point it’s a strikes me as maybe it’s not the best strategy and say what you will about amount of
people who were legal restore huge number that are and the voters that are legal or or that are legal and
the legal legal evidently voting will as deferred estimates suggest that anywhere
from fifteen to forty years from now the hispanic ethnic group will be more than fifty percent of the country if arizona and the republican party
really want to set themselves up as ab whatever it is that they’re doing in the
way they’re being perceived being anti hispanic in some way which they would deny they are i have a feeling that could backfire in some time i’m sure occurred i imagine how easy it
would be to uh… to win a seat on election of some sort when you’re saying how strongly you are
against to the uh… the immigration laws in all all these things packet that
we see ways they could at the ticket backfire in good or ill still news the leak was
stopped in battle will still news we are now
experiencing what i think is being called seepage it is better than a full week uh… what is the next step by this p_p_ still
not saying for sure this has worked at this is not working one of cervical
little bit longer rumors of actually started that bpc deo tony hayward might step down bb
has denied this all together the last i checked i can completely understand in doing
that by don’t know if he’s still concerned about possible criminal
charges we know there’s a criminal investigation going on do you think that that would be a
concern and do you think that that would be a reason
he would resign i don’t know that it would help in anyway i don’t know it’s possible maybe he wants to step down before a the prove it stuff and get the think i
don’t know if it would make a difference i think if he is going to be accused of
any kind of lee criminal liability it would make a difference if he quits
or perhaps rpr standpoint if if he’s already stepped down at this point in my
kind of take some of the heat off b_p_ itself it’s possible i don’t understand thrown it out there and he’s made one
poor statement after another throughout this whole thing uh… i assume that among it he is also make good decisions right
presumably he’s making countless decisions every day related to this but
overall i don’t think he’s coming out of this on
skates by any means and he may even end up with criminal liability right i think there have been i think it’s fair to say they’ve been
more poor decisions in their decisions we are granted there have been at least poor decisions of magnitude above and
beyond decisions of magnitude we can say doing all of this is an impossible in
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