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MFC Deploys Wildland Firefighting Strike Teams to Oklahoma

I’m a strike team leader for a strike
team of dozers that we were sending to Oklahoma for additional resources out
there for a lot of fires that are going on they’re having a lot of extreme fire
activity with low RH and a lot of high winds
so fires are kind of getting out of control and they’re asking us for for
help and it’s uh we’re all kind of in a one big fire family and with this Southern
Compact we just go to help whatever states are in need and they would do the
same for us if it was in a situation here in Mississippi. Going to the Rhea fire
which has exceeded 245 thousand acres in the panhandle of Oklahoma so we have a
we have a team, we have a task force leader there now and this strike team
will go meet up with him and we have another strike team in the panhandle of
Texas which is you know they’re probably a couple hours drive apart they’re just
in two different states and then in that area is historic fire weather
conditions today you know there’s there’s a lot that we can teach them
here in state with our tactics and the way we fight fire but it’s totally
different out there so it’s a great learning experience for them to be able
to see how they fight fire in different parts of the country and different
regions and different vegetation what we do is everybody that works here it’s what we love to do what we enjoy doing so it’s an experience to get to experience something like that that’s what we do is clear that fire break down of all
burnable vegetation to try to stop that fire or impede its progress
you know residents are having to get out of the way of the fire you know you get your belongings what you can and get out of the way there’s nothing
to stop it right now so we’re going to keep sending crews out
until we can get a handle on this thing they need a they need a break in the
weather is what they need teamwork is everything teamwork keeps them alive out
there we watch each other’s back 100% of the time in the state of Mississippi and
when we cross state lines so we’re gonna be very careful and watch what we’re
doing and help Oklahoma in any way we can.

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