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Meet the Widows of Firefighters Who Lost Their Lives Battling Raging Wildfires

only the brave is the new film starring Josh Brolin and Jennifer Connelly that tells the true story of the Granite Mountain hotshots of heroic firefighting team overtaken by a raging wildfire in Arizona in 2013 boost me coming in in 19 brave men lost their lives while saving the town of Yarnell located an hour and a half outside Phoenix not long ago Inside Edition brought together eight of the widows from that unthinkable tragedy I wish that the world could know that they lost this this army this small army of honorable men Julianne Ashcraft lost her husband Andrew on the day of the fire Andrew a father of four texted how much he loved his family and shared this photo of the Wildfire as the hotshots moved into harm’s way I looked at my four children and thought oh man you know I was able to grow up with a daddy and they want and my heart breaks for them every day marsinah Thurston had been with her husband Joe since their sophomore year in high school he left behind two young sons I just kept texting him saying you need to tell me you need to tell me you need to tell me you’re okay and I I couldn’t believe it because I kept thinking he wouldn’t leave me Christa Carter’s husband Travis was a father of two no not them they were invincible that was the way that I saw each and every one of them it’s what happened during the final moments when a deadly wall of 70 foot high flames trapped the firefighters that haunts these women Claire and Robert Caldwell were newlyweds he loved his crew I know that in some way he must have thought leaving my family two of these women were actually pregnant when disaster struck firefighter Shaun Meisner never met his baby boy Shaun jr. nor did firefighter Anthony Rose who leaves behind a daughter Willow well they have now at times the pain is overwhelming the women say their hotshot firefighters were larger than life now they will have a fitting tribute on the big screen [Music] you [Music]


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