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McEachin Tours a Fire Station, Talks Environment, Russia

this has been a typical day, where usually
we start a little bit earlier than than we did today not that I’m complaining
but this has been a very typical deal with a constituent issue, go visit
something I am first of all making sure that I maximize the August recess to get as much rest as possible it’s wonderful to wake up in your own bed
every day but as you see from today we’re still working, we’re working with
constituent issues when were many things we’re learning things about our district and we’ll take those things back with us when Congress comes back but you know, we’ve got a debt ceiling to deal with so there are lots of
things to keep us busy in September they are very concerned about Russia, I know right? because you keep hearing that nobody’s concerned about Russia well my constituency is concerned about Russia concerned about making sure that we’re
ready for the 2018 and 2020 election cycles as well as, was there any
collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government I believe that the environment is the most important issue of the 21st century a lot of folks think
it’s just about tree hugging it is most assuredly about tree hugging but it’s more than that it’s about being able to build wind turbines in the fourth congressional district it’s about being able to build solar panels it’s about being concerned
about sea level rise by being in the General Assembly and the capital being in Richmond and me being a Richmonder so there was no commute to deal
with the having to drive back and forth to DC can be challenging sometimes as you can imagine but the job of being a congressman, putting this administration aside, the job of being a congressman is a wonderful job so I stay in a Hampton Inn, I may have a lead on an apartment when we get back though I’ve never been known as Mr. Neat so I need that daily maid service that you
get in a hotel

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