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Marin County Fire Department History

This is the most amazing job anybody could
ever ask for. I work with 150 of the most dedicated people I’ve ever been around. They
absolutely love the job they do, they’re here to serve our communities, and the effort and
energy they put into that shows every day. Marin County Fire Department has a rich history.
It dates back to the early timber industry at the turn of the century after the 1906
San Francisco Earthquake, evolving into the Tamalpais Forest Fire District and eventually
in 1942, the Marin County Fire Department. Marin County has a long history of devastating
wild fires. Our most recent, the 1995 Mount Vision, on the coast, destroyed 40 homes and
consumed nearly 12,000 acres. In Marin County, although we have a considerable
number of fire agencies, we act as one — so we really have seamless borders, and really,
the intent behind that is to make sure that regardless of the geographical boundaries
of a city, town, district, or county, whenever you call 911 you’re going to get the closest
appropriate resource. Marin County Fire, this is Cherie, how can
I help you? Often the citizens of Marin don’t realize
that they can call us for a tree down, wires down, fire permits, water flowing in the residence,
any kind of non-emergency like that, we’re more than happy to help them. We’re serving every level of emergency services:
from hazardous materials, wild wind fire protection and prevention, structural fire control. Training
is an enormous part of what we do, but it’s also engaging our communities, preparing them
for disaster. In 1995, we partnered with Department of Public
Works to create the Urban Search and Rescue team and that really started our Special Operations
Program. As part of the USAR team and part of the Special Operations, we have a Compliance
based team Trench Rescue, a Water Rescue team and an Incident Management Team. The model
that we created has been followed by 11 other regional task forces in the state of California. In December 2005 going into January 2006,
we had a significant storm that brought ten inches in three days. The Water Rescue team
came in and in the very swift water, dangerous urban night time environment, executed 15
rescues and evacuated 30 members of the public. In 2006, the USAR team was deployed to Mill
Valley when a mud slide went into a house, buried essentially the back end of the house,
and USAR team worked for three days to first find the man that was trapped in the back,
and then remove him so we could return him back to his family. In October 2008, we had the Angel Island Fire,
a fire that burned half the island. While the fire fighters were on the island fighting
the fire, the IMT was in a role to support the planning functions and the logistical
functions for the fire. Our mission as the Marin County Fire Department
is: to be prepared, respond quickly, solve problems, be nice, get home safely.

  • What became of the 'White Hood' paint scheme ?

    I rember in 1976 I was living in Marine County and the equipment had white hoods.  And no other department had them .   You could pick out a 'Marine County Unit' in any photo??

    Why not now ?

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