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Man says Winfield Fire Department botched water rescue; firefighters disagree

  • She should NOT have been on that road in the first place. Anyone who lives in the area knows better than to cross that section of the road when there is a lot of high water.

  • Glad that everyone is alright and that the woman recovers from her injuries. How many times have public service announcements and other info been blasted in all forms of media about DRIVING WHEN WATER COVERS THE ROAD? Many of the good folks in rural fire departments are volunteers that have families who count on them. Don't tell me tattoo magoo expected one of them to save her. Instead of wasting money on ink he should get that woman driving lessons. To complain to the local news about it, and show your face in the interview was such a doltish move.

  • Shame on you KSDK for even reporting on this and calling it a "botched" rescue. Criticizing a department of individuals that risk their own lives everyday for the general public is low and pathetic. I don't know anyone in the Winfield Fire Department, but I respect their job and sacrifices they make for their community. I'll end with the phrase spoken a million times and posted by this department on the night in question….TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN.

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