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[ Lyric AMV ] “Inferno” Fire Force OP || Rainych ft MattyyyM

It lights up the darkness
We walk through those familiar days Living in a dream may be peaceful
But we become lazy from not being stimulated It lights up the darkness
Where are those familiar streets that we used to walk through? Moments are at times an annoyance but
When you’re wrapped in warmth Let’s go to the place where the flame is
I remember that pleasant melody There is no forever, they say there isn’t
I laugh thinking that that’s also nice If it shines, eventually the light will go out
For us, we’ll keep walking until the day the fire of our life goes out By the way, why did we
Suddenly stop thinking about it Living in dream is peaceful though
But it leads to lack of knowledge, so it worries me When you taste something, it’s yummy
In the end it will also rot This place is on fire but
The scar is stinging The water’s surface evaporates towards the light
Take the new memory with your hand Go towards the path that the night sky defined
Formal theories will only get in your way There is no eternity, there isn’t, they said
I tried to cry a bit saying I suffered Some day the balloon will shrink or break
We will continue to protect the fountain of life and pass it down I didn’t learn enough but still graduated,
I couldn’t confess, now I lost my love I didn’t play enough, now it’s time to say farewell,
That’s troublesome though This is not hell The toy that makes sound, and also magic that blows away pain
For me, they are truly my precious treasure There is no forever, they say there isn’t
We’ll keep walking until the day the fire of our life goes out


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