Lunch Ideas Easy 1. Easy Garlic Prawn Recipe | What to Serve with Prawns,How to Make Rasam at Home

hi friends I am Nancy a while ago I met
my Indian friends she taught me several Indian dishes
which is delicious and easy to cook today I am going to share with you
garlic Paulin recipe and how to make race AM ingredients chopped onion 1 cup
grated garlic 1 cup curry leaves coriander leaves 2 green chili oil as
you needed you 250 grams clean prom
gather four tablespoons salt as you needed turmeric powder 1 keep the
cooking oil in a frying pan next as the chopped garlic fry until garlic turns light brown color
now add chopped onion add green chili add curry leaves now I’ve cleaned prams you add turmeric power salt as it needed cook until prom release the moisture now add the chilli powder and stir it
well make sure to cook on low flame close the lid and cook for 10 minutes now open the lid and sprinkle coriander
leaves friends now the delicious garlic prawns
are ready now we look into how to make race an ingredient tamarind for dry
chili 5 garlic cloves and ginger black pepper cumin seed mustard seed 1 chopped
tomato coriander leaves curry leaves soak the tamarind in one cup of water
Maxwell squeeze the filter juice and keep aside you take a mixer jar add chili pepper
cumin seed and grind it add ginger and garlic in a pan add oil add mustard cumin seed chilli curry leaves
add the mixture grind the tomatoes add it to the pan as
well I’d prepared tamarind water at about one cup of water
as it needed switch off the flame
the stage transfer it to a serving bowl and sprinkle coriander leaves
the Ray Sam is ready friend you can have this dish with white
rice if you like a garlic prawn recipe and very same recipe share with your
family let them enjoy this delicious dish friends comment below with your
thoughts see you in the next video

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