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Live Rescue: Rollover Extraction (Season 1) | A&E

[sirens] – Just go to the
intersection is all I got. Three vehicles involved. One patient in the
rolled over vehicle. Vehicles on its side. That person appears
to be trapped. Oh, jeez. We got bystanders there that
are trying to rock the vehicle. And somebody has already
advised them to get– step away. [laughs] – Yeah. Here we go. – Stay right there. We’re going to get you out, OK? – Hey. Where’s the glass ax? We’re gonna– hang on, we’re
gonna come in and get you. Stay right there. John, I need to– I want to take
this windshield out so I can talk to him at least. He just looks like he’s trapped. Cover yourself with the blanket. – Do you want me to pop it? – Yeah, pop it. [beeping] – I think we’re OK with
just us making access to the patient right now. I want to talk to
him real quick. We need some cribbing, John. Some cribbing. A little bit of glass. You got your– is it
you and your dog, sir? – [inaudible] – Sir, are you hurt anywhere? – No? Any hip pain, back
pain, or neck pain? – All right. There’s a dog, Megan. Can you grab him? – Yeah. – My partner is going to
grab your dog right now, OK? – We have an officer [inaudible]
right now, thank you. – Just be careful. All right, now, you’re
not hurt anywhere? – OK, I’m going
to disconnect it. It’s on the other side. Here we go.
Ready? Now, well listen. You’re going to drop down
a little bit, so I won’t– – OK, here we go. Here we go. [seat belt unclicking] – How’s that? – OK. No neck, back, or head pain? – Don’t feel like
anything’s broke? – You think that with my help
you can twist up here and get out of this? – OK, wait. We got some blood going. – Nope.
– No? – Nope. – No. – We can’t– we can’t– – Leave your mail. We’ll grab it. – We can’t flip 3,000
pounds either, boss. – Someone grab that board
and push it down slowly. – Hold on. You ready? One, two, three! OK, pull down. [grunts] – All right, put
your leg right there. – Oh, my god. – No, you got to pull
the board that way. – OK. – One, two, three. – Got him? – Yeah. – I’m getting out. – We got the board. – I’m getting out. He had a small
puppy in his hand, and I made sure we got that out
because the dog was terrified in there. So the dog is one of our
patients too at that point. So I made sure that he–
the dog got out first. Plus, we don’t want
him biting anybody. Or you know, that could be a–
that’s an issue too or getting in the way of what we needed
to get the patient out.


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