Live Rescue: Cat Rescued in Huge House Fire (Season 1) | A&E

– House is on fire. They said nobody’s home. Inside the house,
in the back, they’re putting water through
a door in the backyard. – I got smoke. – Here’s you’re hydrant
right here, John. Right here.
– OK. – Just go to it. Go to the house. I do have the light, whitish
smoke showing from the bravo charlie side. [machinery whirring] – We got here, they found
smoke and flames inside. They also had
smoke in the attic, so we put a ladder through
the top to open up the top, and we can put water
in through there. They’re also
providing ventilation to get the smoke out, to make
it a better environment for us to search. – But yes, we do
have fire control. – A what? – I don’t know
where it would be. – I think so. I don’t know where– – Raz, why are you all wet? Where were you? – We’re at the phase
now called loss stop. There’s no active
burning or hot spots. We’ve covered up stuff that
needs to be covered up, and the investigators
are on their way. They’re going to try to
determine where it started and why. And then the homeowners
will probably be allowed to say where
certain belongings are, bring important things out. – They said that– – All right. – Do you know what
would have caused it? – Oh. There’s not much on
your nightstand that’s– that didn’t get burned up. – Did you want me to
look under– under? Because I can lift up,
like, some of this drywall and insulation, and maybe
you might find some– – And then there’s a
pair of Birkenstocks. – OK. Oh, yeah. You got the other one? What about this pink flip-flop? – OK. Well, we got some hair
products and some shoes. Everything a girl needs, right? – She did find her
cat, which was good. But most of the
stuff in her room was pretty much a total loss. It got burned up. They’ll come back tomorrow and
start trying to put the pieces back together.

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