Live Fire Event Demonstrates Top Fire Department Rating

This a proud day for the
county government leaders,k the residents, business
owners and operators of Fairfax County with the
announcement that the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue
Department is designated with a Class One ISO rated
fire suppression capability, again the highest rating
that any fire department can get. Number one will
save lives property and the environment. It will save
firefighters lives and injuries, as well as
residents and business owners. Response times with
the right number of people that are trained and
qualified on excellent apparatus is what makes the
difference. The heart of the matter to me always is
the people. And it is the superior professionalism
and dedication of our men and women who serve and
protect our community every day every night every
shift, we truly do congratulate all for these
achievements and we commend and thank you again as
always for your service. The proof is in a
demonstration like this today, where you can see
the results of our investments in training and
facilities and equipment. It all comes together when
our Fire and Rescue Department comes and
responsds to an emergency. I just would like to express
my personal thanks for the leadership in the men and
women who make this their life’s work. People who
are fire and rescue responders put their own
lives at risk to keep us safe. I thank them every
day for what they do. We want you to come build a
home and build a business here in the safest place in
the Commonwealth and the national capitol region.
Thank you all congratulations for all the
hard work from the men and women of this department
that respond to calls and all the civilian staff that
we have.

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