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Lino Lakes Fire Station – a CNH Architects project

[groovy music] We identified CNH through a
process. They had done some other projects locally. We knew that they did good work. We relied on CNH pretty significantly for
incorporating some firefighter training elements in our new facility. We have a water supply over there that would
allow us to do pump training indoors during the winter months, and adequately supply an
engine while exhausting out through the roof. The training room enables us to conduct those
classroom portions of the training, and then, they wired it in such a fashion that it also
serves as a backup emergency operations center. So, it gives us some redundancy if there was
to be a natural disaster that were to take out our other emergency operations. A lot of technology smart boards, simulcast
up on the monitors. Some of the other design elements. None of the white boards are affixed to the
walls. So, if we had a large scale disaster response,
command staff could be in this room drawing up plans, put it on a white board, carry the
white board into our dispatch staging area, put it on the wall, brief staff before they
deploy. With a paid on-call response model, one of
the important elements to include in a fire station is a space like this where your paid
on-call staff can come and gather and meet. They can feel comfortable, can build their
comaraderie and team. Because if we have them in the station, then
our response times are reduced. It was what we had planned for, and built
with quality materials and quality craftsmanship. [groovy music, sound of fire engine] [groovy

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