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LEGO: The Great Escape

Oh yeah! Oh, come on! Yeah! Woo! Haha! That’s another win for me, baby! We get it, Mike. Woooooo!! Whew… Want to play another? Yeah, me neither. Man, I’m so sick of this place. Yeah, and? It’s not like we can do anything about it. We can’t leave I mean, there HAS to be a way Wha- What about through the Giant’s Door? You KNOW we can’t go through that door. Generations of us have been lost to the horror beyond Only echos make it back Echos of giants of false pathways to freedom Pathways that lead only to grinding… To crushing. And echos of unimaginable terror. Right. What about that portal? *gasp* AGH, it’s no use. The force field is too strong! *sob* (background) “we’re gonna be here forever!” Mike! CAN’T YOU SEE I’M MOURNING? *GASP* Alright, here’s the plan. First, we construct our track. It’ll start at the top of the plateau and go straight down to the middle of the floor We’ll put in a loop for style, then ramp up through the portal. The car? It’s too slow. We need a thruster. I’m thinking blue. Then after that… Can we fit in that car? Almost there! AAAHHHHHH GET ME OUT No, I don’t think so. Ah, we’ll make it work. Anyway, next, we build the launcher. *boom* What was that? Mike, what?- Shh! Act. Natural. *meow* Mike! Mike! You alright? We gotta go. We did it, man. Whoops. J!!! Ah! Don’t worry, J! I’m coming! Please, for the love of all that is holy JUST KILL ME. Get away from him! Mike! Let’s get out of here. Mike, I can’t feel my legs! Hold on! To what!? Dude! We made it! Look! We made it! Yeah, woo! You thinking what I’m thinking?


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