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LeBron James Sends Taco Truck To Feed Firefighters As California Wildfires Rage On

>>Thank you to all the heroes protecting our city. Words of gratitude from Rob Lowe in his latest Instagram post. Rob had his own home threatened by fires in Santa Barbara just two years ago, prompting him to volunteer alongside first responders during that time. Taking a page out of rob’s book, Lebron James sent a taco truck to support firefighters protecting his neighborhood from the nearby Getty fire this week. Mayor Eric garcetti tweeting photos of the thoughtful gesture. Despite intense flames near the Getty center earlier this week, none of the artwork has been evacuated from the museum because it’s reportedly safer inside. The Getty is constructed to be basically fireproof. Its buildings are composed of steel and stone, which even covers the rooftops to prevent embers from igniting the property. On top of that, galleries are double-walled and compartmentalized to prevent an interior fire from spreading. Located in Simi Valley, the Ronald Reagan presidential library is currently under threat of the easy fire as flames surrounded the entire structure today. Helicopters were seen dropping water as winds continue to grow above hurricane force. Also serving as a museum, the library currently houses more than 200 priceless historical artifacts from the Egypt’s lost cities exhibit.>>This is the official dress she wore for the white house portrait, which actually hangs over our shoulder here.>>The library contains a rotating display of former first lady Nancy Reagan’s wardrobe, with hundreds more dresses stored in its archive. It also features the air force one jet that transported Ronald Reagan during his presidency. You can see it here with flames looming close by. Pretty amazing how that museum protects all the artifacts there.>>Hopefully.>>Well, a brush fire also broke out in the calabasas community of hidden hills just a half mile from Kim and Kanye’s home.>>That fire has thankfully been contained and an evacuation warning was canceled though residents are encouraged to

  • Fake ass mofo. He was just talking shit about police officers and all of a sudden he be chummy with firefighters after his home was on fire. Get the fuck out of here.

  • Very nice LeBron!! Nice to hear a good story for once. The politic news is killing me! Best wishes to the firefighters and people in harms-way.

  • Pretty sad that a basket ball player makes more money then all those fire fighters combine X 100 but of course nice to see how humble a guy like labron is

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