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Learn The Siberian All Night Log Fire

Hello, welcome to another video from far north bushcraft and survival in this video, we are gonna be Going, through the siberian log, fire how, to set it up how, to use it some tips and tricks So stay with me Well coming on the dark pretty quick so we better get this fire put together okay This, is the base this This, was the base of the tree So it’s the biggest log So this is the log, we want on the base of our fire? okay, let’s set up the rest of it All right, we want the next biggest log, right in the middle so put that right there okay, and Then the next biggest okay, let’s take a, closer look, you can use Any number of logs starting from 2 On up to as many as you want But you notice the butts are fanned out okay The bigger, your the bigger your logs the longer your, fire will last and okay, so you could, have smaller logs, and Have them flare it out, more but there’s a limit to how much you can, flare out All right now let’s look at this from the side You, notice there’s not much of an overhang Of the lodge past the base look And i’ll get into that a little bit later and also let’s see if we can get a better perspective here yes You, notice the logs are slanted down From the base lock Okay, there’s a reason for that the reason for the logs slanting down and Being flared out, is that we are gonna light a, fire right here Okay, so the fire Will take place in this area We don’t, want it traveling down the log Okay, so that’s, why, we flare these logs out Okay, it takes heat air and fuel To, make a fire Okay, as the fire tries to travel down, these logs it’s going to lose heat Because the heat from this log, and the heat from this log, won’t be able to complement Each other the further down it goes so it’ll burn, cooler and cooler Until it can, no longer support fire Okay, same with The logs remember, we had the logs tilted down Okay, he goes uphill So that will further help to, keep the fire on this end All right now let’s get the fire lay, put together That’s gonna it’s, gonna be dark here pretty quick and as you can see this is very difficult circumstances to build a fire Everything and i mean everything is covered with snow so? It pays to get out? And practice so that you know you can get a fire going in a in a difficult situation and in a situation, like this i recommend not waiting until You, need, your fire before gathering your tinder gather your tinder Now i’m speaking in terms of natural tender gathered from the local area Okay, gather your tender early be it Birch bark or twigs or you know. Spruce twigs or? lichen or grass and Put it in your pocket In a pocket where your body will warm it up and dry it out now If you, do that a couple hours ahead of time you’ll be surprised at how. Much better that Tinder works, okay, let’s get started on building the fire lay All right, we got the fire lit, now, we need to build it up Okay, and we are? Well on our way as you can see the fire has cut Between the upper logs it’s Working its way on spreading out the bottom The bottom fire we still have another log here for it But that will happen shortly They’re, already flames licking over that way Okay, now how far out this, way towards the camera, do you place the logs Well you don’t, want to place them too far because it’s gonna, be hottest Right up next to this log here The, base log Okay, so your fire is going to burn You know like i said right, near the base log so If you have your log, sticking out too far here and Don’t know how, let me turn on the light let’s see if this helps okay You’re, gonna get this to burn out in here But this Will still remain fat And you’ll you won’t get the full benefit of the fire so you, want your logs to be back far enough We back far enough so that you can, be burning the tips As, well as the rest of the log Okay, a good source to learn, about this fire a Person has used this fire a lot Is lars from survival russia And i’ll leave his link right up here in The right side of your screen at the top of the video Yeah, life is good you know sitting out here by this fire it’s dead silence around me Not a sound can be heard except for the crackling of the fire You know our everyday life it can get pretty hectic But it’s times, like this Sitting here in the peace the quiet That can, make the everyday life a little more bearable Make it to where we can, handle a little little easier Life is good All right let’s discuss the fire a little bit here As you can see the Original fire it’s just about out just a few coals there and The top, logs are burning, like they should all right Now how, long will this fire last well That’s something that can’t be given a concrete answer because it depends very much on the diameter of your logs, and The length of your logs Okay, as these large burned down let me turn on my light you Okay, these logs burned down You’ll bring them out You know as they, burn, back, you’ll bring them out more so This fire has a potential of lasting a, long time it can, last all night if your logs are big enough and If they’re long enough Okay, the fire has been burning now for perhaps an hour and a half I didn’t time it But that’s the way it’ll burn just like that You can, regulate how, much flame you’re getting by Scooting, your logs back further or bring them out further Spreading the butts out further or bringing them in closer you can regulate the rate of burn So this fire is not it’s designed to throw heat in one direction only It’s about It’s about ten degrees fahrenheit to Maybe fifteen degrees fahrenheit here And i’m sitting about three feet, away and i’m I’m very warm then i’m very comfortable It’s putting out quite a bit of heat Okay, but if i was off to the side of this fire i’d be experiencing very little heat if i was behind the fire i Would be experiencing virtually no heat? So it’s it’s a great fire for laying in front of You know like i said i’m about three feet away, and that’s it that’s a comfortable distance to lay in front of this fire Or if he had a shelter here It’s a great fire for that Now as the fire burns down As you can see they’re starting to occur gaps here Let me turn on my light, again, they’re starting to kerr gaps here So, what you can do is scoot your logs out this, way? That’ll close, that gap or you can just give a kick and Tighten it that way? This is not a. No maintenance fire it’s a low. Maintenance fire Very little is required to keep this fire burning all night long Just occasionally as it burns, back, as these ends burn, back bring the log forward Well i hope you enjoyed this video and i thank you for joining me We’ll see you on the next video you guys, take care have a good week If you, enjoyed this video be sure and give it a Thumbs up and to share it as, well as subscribe so you, don’t, miss any more and check out these suggested videos here thank you


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