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LA Firefighter Says His Pool Pump System Gives Homeowners ‘A Fighting Chance’ Against Wildfires

  • To rent it. Really. If this is that handy the rich homeowners insurance companies should buy one for each house. We all know the billions they make per year. Give a bit to your state greedy insurance bastards.

  • If that Oakland hills fire from 20 plus years ago came through that hose wouldn't stand a chance, that fire was burning concrete and steel poles it was so hot and windy, I was at the old putting green on 1900 Harrison st about 3-4 miles from the fire and 15 minutes before the fire started, remember the fire did not start yet and I'm not exaggerating what I'm about to say, as I putted suddenly a small tornado like whirlwind kicked up at snow park and it sucked my pants legs toward the hills where the fire started, and it was hot air like the Devil was in the air, and I froze and looked off to see if anyone else feel this hell in the air but I was by myself there, it froze me like I was in a Exorcist movie, no joke dude and 30 minutes later all hell broke out in the hills and firetrucks and firefighters were getting destroyed by that hellish devil fire, you had firemen throwing down hoses and running for their lives and jumping in swimming pools so they didn't get roasted alive, I seen the devil that day come travel through that park and head up to the Oakland hills.

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