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Kim Kardashian West Reveals Donation for California Firefighters

The fires were
right where you are. I can’t even believe that
you didn’t lose your house. Because they were right
up against your door. Yeah, they got to
our gate, and then luckily, we had protection
and firefighters right there that were helping us
to get the fires out. But I mean, we’re still
not in our home now. Because the smoke
smell is too intense. And we have these
machines everywhere trying to blow out the smoke smell. And I mean, we were lucky. We’re blessed. I was very– I feel like we
were really blessed to have the help of the
firefighters that we did. And our house is right
on the end of a big park. So the whole park had caught
fire, and so if our house went, then every other house would go. So, I mean, I saw online. We were fortunate enough
and blessed enough. And I know that not everyone has
this luxury available to them. But we were able to get
private firefighters, a company that you can hire, that friends
of mine that lost their home in a Santa Barbara fire– all their neighbors
used this company. And so they recommended
the company. And because of them,
they saved our home and saved our neighborhood. The neighborhood as well. Because I had them
just make sure that they controlled
every house on the edge. So it wasn’t just my
home that I said just take care of our home. Take care of everything because
once they go, once our starts, the whole neighborhood can go. So, I don’t take
that for granted. And that was such a blessing
that we were able to do that. Well, you have been
incredibly generous. You, your entire family,
and you have an announcement to make today because of that. Yes, so on behalf of my husband,
Kanye, and Yeezy, and Adidas, they are going to donate
$200,000 to the California firefighters. [APPLAUSE] The California Fire Foundation. And we have, on behalf of
Kanye, Yeezy, and Adidas, we are also donating
another $200,000 to the California Community
Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund. [APPLAUSE] I mean, they saved
our whole community. We’re so grateful to them. So honestly, we couldn’t
do it without them. Yeah, everybody should
be thanking and helping firefighters. I mean, everyone
needs help right now. But these firefighters
are amazing. And when we come
back, Kim and I are going to meet one of the
heroic firefighters that helped in this fire. Thanks.


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