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Johnson Controls Leads the World in Fire Suppression Systems

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There’s risk involved in running any business today. (sirens roar)
But an unexpected fire could be a catastrophic risk. That might mean the
end of you business. – Many times businesses
don’t recover from a fire. There is a $155 million
a year in losses in storage facility fires alone. There is three times the damage
in a non-sprinkler facility compared to a
sprinkler facility. So having a sprinkler
facility is safer for us, safer for everybody,
and minimizes your losses. Many businesses will ask why. Why do I need this? I’ve never had a problem before. And I just usually tell
them, “you’ve been lucky.” – [Narrator] That’s
why constant innovation is needed in the field
of fire suppression. Including sprinklers
specifically designed to meet the hazard
classification of the building they protect. – We’re at the Johnson Controls,
fire products training center. And what we do here
is, we do water based fire protection training. We have 16 functional
sprinkler risers. We have a spray
demonstration room. We have fire pumps. We have special hazards rooms. So anything in the
fire protection world, we can really train out here. As the world changes,
we need to change. So the innovation side of
it we need to keep up with. We need to keep pushing forward
and creating new products to help protect these businesses
and these large buildings going up. – [Narrator] With over
125 years of innovation and fire suppression,
Johnson Controls has a long history
in testing and proving its Tyco sprinkler solutions
in the field. Solutions which have
made it a global leader in sprinkler products. – So we invented the modern
sprinkler many years ago. Our brand has a deep history. A notable fire sprinkler
pioneer, Frederick Grinnell invented the modern
sprinkler in 1881. (piano music)
At Johnson Controls, our fire suppression business
is committed to leading innovation in our industry. And we are passionate
about what we do because we know it matters. (piano music)
– [Narrator] Today Johnson Controls’,
research and development center, where modern day fire
sprinkler products are invented sits on a site,
where fire suppression technological advancements
have been developed for the past 100 years. – So, if you think
about a sprinkler, it’s a pretty amazing device. Right, this thing has to
be installed in a building for a pretty significant
period of time, can be 20, maybe up to 50 years
in all different kinds of environments. So make sure that the
sprinkler is gonna perform you know, all those
different applications. We subject them
to a large number of different types of tests. These can range from
hydrostatic integrity to the strength of the actual
frame of the sprinkler, to flow distribution
or spray distribution, which is actually a test
of the spray pattern of the sprinkler for
different application. Can also incorporate multiple
full-scale fire tests, depending on whatever the
hazard we’re tryna protect is. – [Narrator] And what’s
the latest innovation in fire suppression to
come to market from Tyco? The new electronically
activated sprinkler system, that offers sprinkler
heads with sensors to identify the source of
where a fire has started. (water spraying)
– Hi, I’m Manny Silva. I’m the chief engineer
for Johnson Controls, Fire Protection Products Troop. I’m here in our test area F,
where we’re about to test Johnson Control’s
electronically activated sprinkler. The test simulates
warehouse arrangement. We’ve got about eight
boxes behind me. We’re gonna light the boxes
up to challenge the sprinkler to see if it can
put out the fire. This will be a pretty
exciting test so here we go. (loud music)
(loud music) (loud music)
(loud music) (loud music)
(loud music) (loud music)
(loud music) So we need to conduct
fire testing to prove out that sprinklers can
adequately address the fires. – [Firefighter] Three,
two, one, ignition. [Airhorn roars]
– We ignite the boxes at the base of the fire. Basically to simulate an
arson event in a warehouse. Which can be very challenging
to try to control. When the sprinkler reaches
the activation point, the sprinkler will operate
and just charge water. The goal is to determine
whether or not, the sprinkler, when it activates can
actually suppress the fire. Fire sprinklers have
to respond faster and more intelligently
in order to provide the most cost effective
and efficient fire protection solution. – The important thing
about electronic sprinklers is that they operate
much quicker. And we can operate a
group of sprinklers surrounding the point of
ignition much earlier. That allows us to address
fires that are much smaller. Smaller fires
produce less smoke, and less damage to buildings
and their contents, and are much easier to
manage with less water. In other words,
only the sprinklers necessary to address
the fire activate. – The electronic sprinkler’s
really revolutionary, because it’s the first time
in the industry that we’re applying electronic detection
to the fire problem. Previous to now, its always
been a mechanical detection. What this allows is
much faster detection, which allows for faster
water on the fire. That’s a huge deal,
and something we’re really excited to bring to market. – Over the next several years,
we’re going to invest an excessive $5 million to improve
and enhance our capabilities. In the end we’re
working in something that saves people’s lives. – [Narrator] This new,
innovative way to suppress fires has drastically
reduced water demand and increased speed and
responding to a fire. And that can mean a business
can continue to thrive. Thanks to a company
with over a century of dedication to innovation. To learn more about
Tyco fire sprinklers, go to their website,
or go to, to see this portion
of the show again. (upbeat music)

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