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Job Corps definitely changed my life 100% Forest Service Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers provide a pathway out of poverty to economically disadvantaged youth ages 16 to 24. The program empowers young Americans while investing in conservation work that has preserved the value of our nation’s natural resources for more than 50 years. In my opinion our mission is to help the Forest Service with their mission whether we’re doing welding for gate closures or building picnic tables. We clean the campground, we remove hazard trees from the campgrounds, we thin the forest and get them into the right mix of trees and densities that they should be. It’s just a perfect relationship. Since 2013 the Job Corps Fire program began an innovative partnership between the J-C-C-C-C’s Go, go, go. and the Forest Service Fire and Aviation management division. You got to be tough. You got to work hard, don’t complain. Ready! Now, all 26-Forest Service Job Corps Centers have a wildland firefighting crew and or camp crew. Whenever we get signed up for camp crew its always put out there that you have to be absolutely dedicated. I’m in the forestry trade because I love to be in nature I love to help the nature, I love to learn about it and I’ve always been interested in it since I was knee high to a grasshopper. We’re working on the road that they’re going to do a timber sale and we’re maintaining the roads and getting them fixed up so that they can come up here and be able to drive on them safely. Two Job Corps Centers, Schenck in North Carolina and Centennial in Idaho offer an advanced firefighting trade. They complete a full year of training, they go on prescribed burns, they go on wildfires. The majority of our students in that program do get hired by the Forest Service, so they become Forest Service employees. The Boxelder Job Corps Center in South Dakota fields a mobile catering unit operated by culinary trade that can be dispatched to Type-3 wildland fire incidents. Job Corps wildland firefighters work side-by-side with Forest Service professionals to fight fires and revitalize damage landscapes on national forests and grasslands. We’re really fortunate on the Curlew National Forest to have a Job Corps so close by. They’re just an incredible asset. Escape route right back up, up the road. What we saw on the Curlew Job Corps doing today was actual fire fighting when we need it most, in the summertime when our normal crews are stretched fairly thin. It’s nice to have a skill set that we know is tested because they’re on the forest. We’ve seen their work, they’re a proven product. It’s really fun. It’s physically challenging I feel like I stand out a little bit and I work hard you know and make a name for myself. At any one time the Forest Service Job Corps program can dispatch more than 1000 firefighter Type-2 qualified Job Corps students to support wildland firefighting. all hazard emergencies hazardous fuels and forest health programs nationwide. Students in the wildland firefighting program often become trainees and apprentices within the Incident Command System In Equipment and Personnel Emergency Medical Catering Facilities Radio Supply Technical and Administrative Support I decided to go through the Curlew Job Corps and you know I learned so much By the time I was getting ready to leave there I had at least nine job offers. Job Corps students reflect a snapshot of our nations diversity. Across the spectrum of race, gender and ethnicity. I think it’s a really good experience for me and then take it with me enough to apply the whole bunch of different jobs and things in life. America’s future depends on citizen stewardship. The Job Corps Fire Program broadens the circle of conservation. To make a connection underserved communities across the nation. To build a professional, highly skilled, and diverse wildland fire management workforce that reflects the face of America.

  • Si es un programa supervisado para evitar posibles abusos, me gusta y deberia ser un programa global, ya que nuestro mundo esta lleno de madres solteras que dificilmente pueden cumplir en la práctica el rol que debe hacer un " verdadero hombre"

  • Muchos jovenes se han perdido por falta de programas serios y seguros. Programas en los cuales una madre se pueda sentir confiada, segura que su hijo esta en buenas manos amigas para que en un futuro pueda devolver en trabajo lo aprendido.
    Trabajar por los jovenes, para que trabajen es mas provechoso; que trabajar para destruir al joven quitando las oportunidades y dejando un futuro de miseria.
    "Miami Florida"

  • Yes. They have you working with prison inmates but you cant just think of it that way. Job Corps kids do it to make money to help them when the get out or the get a job in fire when they get out. Its the same thing for them cuss the inmates even get paid alot less and aint aloud to talk to no one unless its their crew bosses orbare spoken to.So its quite ignorant to just judge it because their working with inmates cause both Job Corps kids and inmates are working to improve and better themselfs

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