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Jeremy Corbyn: Grenfell tower fire was an ‘avoidable tragedy’

I start by paying tribute to the survivors
of the fire and their family members, who have campaigned with such dignity
and determination for the past two years — two long years. Many of them are here today in the gallery
or watching the debate on television. For them, it is yet another horrible day
of remembering a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a cousin, a nephew,
a niece who they will never see again and who will never come back
and these memories will never go away. We should have that understanding and
that sympathy of our responsibility to ensure that everyone is able to live
in safety, wherever they are in this country. It was a tragedy, Mr Speaker, but it was
an avoidable tragedy. A tragedy is when there is an earthquake,
a tidal wave or a volcano which you cannot understand or predict but this was
an avoidable tragedy. All the survivors — all of them — deserve
a new home and safety and security in this country, as my friend the shadow
Home Secretary demanded at the time. All those responsible for this avoidable tragedy
must understand that justice must prevail And every necessary measure must be
put in place to prevent a fire such as Grenfell ever happening again. Over my life, I have been on many marches
and demonstrations, but I have never been on anything so poignant and so powerful as
thousands and thousands and thousands of people just silently walking through
north Kensington and then walking past the carcass, which is Grenfell Tower. The power of that — the power of silence
— is palpable. But what’s also palpable is the way in which
the community as a whole supports those people. When the silent march passes the fire station,
there is genuine love and affection for all the firefighters who risked their
lives that night. I know that nobody is trying to do this today,
but let us not blame firefighters for their work. They did everything they could,
and well beyond that.

  • While Jeremy met survivors and local communities the day after the tragic event, I ensured that I was far away securing new freeports to lock away income from the taxman.

  • What happened to get up the ladder smash window let smoke out get people out OK can't do ladders but get people out first.

  • Calling the firefighters "racist" is an absolute disgrace, whilst these feckless politcians get paid to sit on their backside, our emergency services deal with life threatening situations daily.
    These politicians have the nerve to question their judgement?
    It's time to bin the Westminster Elite all together.

  • Labour's NHS, water and gas investment plans are music to the ears of the British public. Look how quickly they increased their opinion poll ratings in 2017 (20-25% rise) when people became aware of what they are offering!

  • too many non white immigrants in the country, they shouldn't of been let in, in the first, where probably let in by the Labour party to get ethnic votes.

  • We all know how past public inquiries have been used to obfuscate the truth rather than reveal it (cite 'Bloody Sunday', Hillsborough, Iraq as just three examples) indeed the PM referred to it himself today, and the current inquiry into Grenfell may be the exception, but it still surprises me that after more than two years it appears there have been no criminal prosecutions. A public inquiry does not suspend as far as I am aware, normal statutory provisions imposed on the police, the health and safety executive and other public bodies in these matters of public protection. What we may ask has happened to these investigations, when on the face of it there were serious failings and breaches of statutory obligations and standards? Were no breaces identified? Was no one responsible? veaterecosan

  • Tory's ribbing Jeremys tie. Shameful and downright unforgivable. This is totally disgraceful behaviour and in front of survivors in the public gallery too. Totally unforgivable!!

  • So was the bombing of the Manchester arena , what did their victims families get , nothing, sweet didly squat.
    Firemen sat outside whilst victims bled to death…what happened , nothing .
    Victims were mainly white British, racism is at the heart of the establishment , that's been proven.

  • Well said Jeremy the LFB did their utmost in this tragedy and the countdown to this horror was started by adding combustible cladding to a structure that was not designed for that as it seriously compromised fire safety

  • Don't blame the firefighters, blame the sodding people that approved the cladding to grenfall tower, blame the inspections the tower should have had and didnt, blame the fact if there even was inspections that they didnt realise the cladding on not only one, but tens of towers near grenfall had failed a variety of safety tests. The firefighters did there best

  • What a load of rot. Politicians agreed planning and funding to build the towers. Councilors agreed the materials and funding for the materials. Government inspectors passed the materials and signed the buildings fit for use. Not one politician or councilor had the guts to run into the tower time after time to save lives putting their own life at risk. Fire Brigade hasn't held up inquiry politician and councilors covering their own arses have.

  • this is the man who convinced the students he was going to scrap their university bills . the universities would close overnight . no money no service . the likes of liverpool , where they are building tens of thousands of uni apartments . all stopped . he supports the ira . they are freedom fighters . running drugs , cheap red deisel, firearms and killing innocent women and children , they are lovely freedom fighters . because of this man labour will get crucified in this election .

  • Though I disagree with Corbyn on many matters of policy, I have to respect his sincerity and empathy. What a lovely bloke.

  • Dozens die from a homemade, preventable disaster due to lax regulations due to politicians in the pockets of property builders > so its fitting that only a handful of politicians are present discussing the issue…

  • Blame all the landlords sub letting flats to unknown immigrants , and all the so called victims who falsely claimed compensation, scumbags

  • This balloon has suddenly remembered Grenfell. His memory must have been triggered by a general election. This guy is such a hypocrite and such a terrible actor.

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