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Investigation into money for volunteer fire department

questions are growing tonight about possible misappropriation of money at a local volunteer fire department a Channel 2 investigates got a tip that the sheriff’s office was looking into allegations against a staff member at the port Bolivar volunteer fire department in Galveston County investigator Robert Arnold is live in port Bolivar right now with what he’s discovered Robert the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it has opened an investigation into possible misappropriation of funds but he is releasing few details word of the investigation though hit hard in a community that depends on this department to keep it safe what to say it is heartbreaking Robbie Hutto gave up Houston city life for the serene shores of port Bolivar five years ago she knows the crucial role the Volunteer Fire Department plays these people have saved my life a couple of times like others in this coastal Enclave Hado hadn’t heard the sheriff’s office opened an investigation into possible misappropriation of funds at the department the sheriff’s office isn’t saying how much money at this time only that the investigation is in the early stages we tried to get a few more answers we were told we need to speak with the chief but he has not yet returned our calls we did come across an item for an upcoming emergency service district meeting the ESD partially funds port Bolivar in other departments on the peninsula item number 15 on the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting discuss status of investigation residents say they’re all ears for many on the peninsula this investigation is a bit of deja vu four years ago KPRC reported the former fire chief for Crystal Beach was charged with taking money from that department he is scheduled to go on trial next month as for this investigation Hutto hopes it wraps up quickly I know they have saved a lot of people’s lives and the money is we need that to go where it needs to go late this afternoon we heard from an attorney representing the emergency service district who tells us he is confident the money the ESD reimburses this department for operating expenses is not involved in this investigation this department like a lot of others is funded through a mix of ESD reimbursements some County tax dollars in a lot of fundraising reporting live from the Bolivar Peninsula robert arnold KPRC Channel 2 News

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