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Hi everyone. So, you may have noticed I have been missing from the videos for a while. Me and Robin called a truce on the pranks for a while to give each other a break. But today I’m going to start getting him back, definitely deserves it. So, he’s just nipped out to town to get something, and this is my perfect opportunity to get this one ready, Erm, I’ve been feeling not very well over the last couple of weeks And I finally went to the doctors this week… Ermm… Robin knows this, so I’m gonna use this as an opportunity to get him back and tell him that I’m pregnant. I am not sure whether he is going to believe this one or not. So I’ve taken a couple of precautions just in case he questions it. I printed out a scan, it’s a bit weird, emm, but I think this is gonna work I printed out this scan and put my name onto it so hopefully that convinces him. If not, I also got a couple of pregnancy tests to take right in front of him if he needs me to Ermm.. And I do not think Robin has any idea what a positive or negative pregnancy test looks like, So I think just the fact that I’m going to take one will convince him enough. So I think that he definitely deserves this and that the truce is over and hope it goes well. Hope you enjoy it guys! And I’ve just got to show you this cute little foster kitten. (cat screeching) Please Give him a thumbs up for being cute! *Door Creaks Opens* *Door Closes* Emma: Robin? Emma: Can you come in here, please? Robin: One second. *Opens door* Robin: Do you have to put your hoover right there? I just tripped over it. Emma: Sorry Robin: It’s like right in front of the door. Emma: Can you sit down, please? Robin: Yeah , just one second. … Robin: Just closing this door.. Robin: You okay? Wait There Emma: Can you sit down, please? Robin: This is my favorite one. Emma: Can you sit down, please? Robin: Yeah, one second. Emma: I’m trying to tell you something important. Robin: Ow! Ow! Ow! Emma: Robin… Robin: Yeah?
Emma: I’m trying to tell you something important… Robin: Okay, Robin: I’m listening ……. Robin: What’s wrong? Emma: You know I went to the doctor’s on Tuesday… Robin: Yeah? Emma: Because I’ve been having a lot of stomach problems… Robin: Yeah? Emma: Ermmm… Robin: Are they better? Emma: Well, They gave me some news that I was really not expecting.. Robin: What? Bad news, or good news? Emma: Well I don’t have anything wrong with my stomach… Robin: That’s good. Emma: But, they said that I’m pregnant. Robin: You’re pregnant?! Emma: Yeah. Robin: Is it like… uh…. is it *sigh* Is he sure? Emma: Yeah, they did the scan and everything … Robin: So, that’s… *Sigh* Robin: So you did a test there that’s 100% positive…. …that you’re pregnant? Emma: Yeah, you want to see the scan? Robin: Yeah *Opens Drawer* Robin: So, you found out on Tuesday? *Closes Drawer* Emma: Yeah, I didn’t know how to tell you cause I thought and then… Robin: You need to tell me this straight away, Emma! Emma: I didn’t want to ruin your results for you Robin: You wouldn’t ruin my result, you need to tell me straight away. Robin: How can you not tell me, something like this? Robin: Oh my god! Robin: Is that actually then a proper scan, Robin: does that mean, that there’s actually a baby inside you? Emma: Yeah. Robin: How many weeks old? Emma: I think about eight weeks, they said, so you can’t really tell so that’s why you can’t see what it really is. Robin: Two months, you’ve been pregnant? Emma: I didn’t know until Tuesday, Robin. Emma: I didn’t think that this was possible. Robin: Okay… Emma: You seem to not believe me. Robin: Well I’m not sure about this, because how can they be certain. How do they know? Emma: Because they did a scan!
Robin: How do they know for sure? Robin: that like, Robin: It’s so small, how can they really tell? Robin: You’re only two months, and that’s not 100% Emma: It is 100%, look at it! Robin: Yeah I can’t see anything.
Emma: You want me to take a test?! Emma: for you or something?
Robin: Haven’t you already taken a test? Emma: Yes?
Robin: Then show me the result of the test! Robin: Like, I want like a letter, where it says on it… Robin: On like a piece of paper. Emma: I don’t have a letter… Emma: I can take another test right now? Robin: Okay, yeah please. Emma: You want me to go and take the test? Robin: Have you got a test? Emma: Yeah Robin: Then do one please. How long does it take? Emma: Two minutes Robin: Okay Robin: Emma? Robin: Are you kidding me?! Emma: No Robin: This is not a joke? Emma: No, stay there. *Door Closes* (Accordion House Music Background music starts) *sighs* (Background music ends)
*Door Opens* Robin: So you done the test? Emma: Yeah Robin: Can I see the result? Emma: It doesn’t say anything yet, you have to wait until it’s ready Robin: How long do you have to wait? Emma: 3 minutes Robin: Can’t believe it. Robin: So, I’m going to be a dad? Emma: Yeah. Robin: I’m gonna be a dad… Emma: If you want to be? Robin: Mhmm I don’t know, I don’t know if I can handle that, Robin: Like Robin: You’re gonna have like a big belly… Emma: *Laughs*
Robin: And stuff like that. Emma: That’s what you’re worried about is that I’m gonna have a big belly. Robin: Yeah, you’re going to get like, I don’t know. Robin: ‘Cause I’m actually relieved so, you’ve been pregnant now for 2 months… Emma: Yeah
Robin: That explains a lot, Robin: Because like… Robin: You know when you get pregnant you gain weight and stuff Emma: Yeah Robin: I noticed that I was actually laying in bed, yeah like two days ago you walking into the toilet, is it just me or has Emma gained weight? Emma: What?
Robin: Yeah Robin: it’s normal completely normal I mean your pregnant Robin: It’s normal you gained weight, right Robin: Or not? Emma: Thing is I’m like that small right now Robin: Yeah but Emma: I’m not going to have a bump Robin: Your bum has increased! Emma: My bum? Robin: It looks a bit like Kim Kardashian’s bum Robin: Like- like nice and big Robin: I don’t know like it’s got a bit fatter definitely Robin: More volume and OH oh you know we went out like two days ago and you were wearing that dress Robin: Like I couldn’t see the definition in your ankles any more like they are kinda like cankles Emma: What? Robin: Yeah, like, let me just look at this… Emma: Robin my ankles are fine Robin: No like I can see- Emma: There’s nothing wrong with my ankles! Robin: You’ve gained weight from being pregnant, it’s normal. Emma: I haven’t gained weight on my ankles!? Robin: You’ve got a bit more fat. Emma: You think I’ve got fatter? Robin: Yeah! Emma: How? Robin: AND moody Emma: Oh my God… Robin: Cause you get more hormonal as well. When you’re pregnant you get really hormonal Robin: So the last like two months, you’ve been so hormonal,
and M O O D Y Robin: So that explains it all…… Robin: That explains
E V E R Y T H I N G ! Robin: Cause, I was like, I was wondering, why is she being more moody, why has she gained weight! Robin: It’s because you’re pregnant, but that’s good, I’m so relieved. Robin: I’m so relieved. Emma: You’re relieved I’m not pregnant because that explains why I’m fat Robin: Wait what? Robin: Yeah, kind of, kind of I- yeah Robin: Mm hmm Emma: So you… would rather I was pregnant than I were to gained weight? Robin: Emma you’ve got fat, because you are pregnant it’s normal Robin: Okay? Emma: You can’t just say that Robin Emma: That’s so mean! Robin: How is that mean? Robin: If you got a bit more fat I mean Robin: Here, your legs…
Emma: Don’t touch me! Robin: They’ve increased, but they’ve got bigger Emma: Haven’t increased
Robin: Let me just see yeah if if Emma: Don’t touch me Robin!
Robin: Wait just let me Robin: Chill! chill! chill! Robin: I’m just tryna show-
Emma: Don’t touch me!
Robin: *Ahhh oww owhahowhowhh* Robin: Ouch, you just kicked my face! Robin: You can’t kick my.. Robin: I’m just showing you Emma: Don’t touch me
Robin: I’m not gonna touch you I just gonna-
Emma: DON’T! Robin: I’m not touching you. Emma: I’m glad you’re finding this funny. Robin: I’m happy you’re pregnant. Robin: But Robin: I’m relieved I know the reason why you’re getting fat Robin: And it’s not a bad thing, you’re going to be getting like…
Emma: Have you got a mental problem? Robin: Like that! Robin: Like your whole belly is gonna grow your cheeks are gonna blow up! … Robin: And also your- your skin has been getting worse, since you’ve been pregnant cause you get like spots stuff Robin: And your hair has been getting a bit greasy. Robin: Babe Robin: You gotta face it, when you’re pregnant Robin: You know Robin: It even has your name on it. Robin: Emma-Louise-Cromm Robin: you know Robin: and you’re having a baby Robin: you’re gonna get more fat Robin: this baby’s gonna get bigger Robin: your little belly’s gonna get bigger Robin: your belly is going to get bigger isn’t it Robin: your legs are going to get bigger Emma: STOP!! Robin: *laughs* Robin: Babe Robin: It’s okay. Emma: Why are you doing this to me Robin?! Robin: I’m doing what to you? Emma: Being so horrible! Robin: I’m not being horrible I’m just- Robin: Trying to take a bad situation and make it Emma: A bad situation? Robin: Well It’s not a good situation… Emma: Anything else you want to say to me?
Robin: huh Emma: So I’m fat, I’m hormonal, I’ve got greasy hair…? Emma: I’ve got bad skin, I’ve got a fat bum… Robin: One more thing, one more thing to say to you. Robin: *screams in laughter* Robin: I saw the camera there straight away! Robin: I knew you were pranking me, I knew you were pranking me! Robin: I knew it! Robin: And when you went for the pregnancy test I looked for the camera, and you hid it Robin: So bad, you hid it right in between that box Robin: You really think you can prank me Emma? Robin: You really? Robin: *breathes in joyfully* Emma: But-
Robin: You see, at the beginning I believed you. Robin: At the beginning I believed you, Robin: because Robin: We promised not to prank each other anymore. Robin: And you just broken that truce Robin: Emma has just started a prank war. Robin: Let’s move this. Robin: Was this, was this even blocking the camera? Robin: Emma you’ve just started a prank war. Robin: Seriously!? Robin: You have just started a prank war Emma! Emma *laughs*
Robin: She was like “Robin!” Robin: “We need to stop pranking each other, its getting too much for me.” Robin: So we haven’t pranked each other in about two months now Robin: and she come back with this shit Robin: and she gets pranked herself Emma: Did I not get you for a minute? Robin: For a minute, for a minute you got me Robin: and then I realised this cannot be true, Robin: I knew you were getting me and then, Robin: as soon as you left, Robin: I had to look- I looked for the camera and Robin: yeah Robin: I got you! Emma: Such an arsehole! Robin: *chuckles* Emma: I literally just wanted to slap you in the face Robin: Did you think I was pranking you back or you thought I was being serious? Emma: I thought, I thought you lost your mind, I thought… Emma: I just- I just can’t believe it… Robin: I’m gonna be getting her back ASAP! Robin: So you better be ready for that Emma Robin: If you wanna see that, make sure you subscribe Robin: And if you haven’t given the video a big thumbs up, yet Robin: Make sure you go down there and smash the thumbs up button Robin: Let’s see how many likes we can hit… Emma: I don’t know Robin: She doesn’t know guys Robin: Until next time, peace. Robin: Urgh! Urgh!! Jamie: What is it? Jamie: OH! What the f*ck?! Robin: *cough cough * Jamie: ROBIN? Jamie: What the f*ck? What the f*ck? Robin! Robin! Jamie:I like trains *at the same time* Robin! Like and Subscribe Like and Subscribe Like and Subscribe Like and Subscribe


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