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IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial service takes place tomorrow

hundreds of families will be arriving in Colorado Springs for this year’s International Association of firefighters memorial it’s an annual event that honors our brave firefighters who paid the ultimate sacrifice news 5 Sheila Jordan joins us live this morning from Memorial Park with all the details on tomorrow’s event Shayla IRA 271 names added to the wall this year you can see them right here on my left-hand side this is the third largest amount in the events history and for the families of these firefighters tomorrow will serve as a somber remembrance of their loved ones bravery now each name on this wall it tells a story of a firefighter who paid the ultimate cost and left a family behind the Fallen are from across the US and Canada and names this year will even include legacy names those are firefighters who died from occupational illnesses like cancer of the 271 names being added over 200 our firefighters who died from fire service related cancers and tomorrow’s ceremony it will serve as a reminder of their bravery and dedication it’s incredibly emotional but it’s also really humbling to allow people to understand that we simply don’t forget those that have ultimately made that sacrifice the event started 32 years ago and continues to grow each year it’s free and open to the public and that event starts at 11 a.m. tomorrow also be streaming in on our website that’s for now watching out for you Southern Colorado Shayla Garrard in News 5 always a very move

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