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I Was WRONG About Fire Force | Most Disappointing Anime of 2019?

Everything about Fire Force screams, “this
should be good.” And yet, I find myself losing interest with
each episode. There are few anime that I’ve wanted to
like as much as I want to with Fire Force. I either like a show or I don’t, and I can
figure it out pretty quickly. When you’ve got the likes of Soul Eater
on your resume as a writer, it’s hard to imagine throwing up a brick with Fire Force. And to be fair, by most peoples’ standards,
Atsushi Ohkubo has another classic on his hands with this title. For me, however, Fire Force feels like a tragically
missed opportunity. It started off with so much promise. The characters were in place. The mystery of the Infernals was intriguing
enough. The animation is some of the best around right
now. So, with everything there… What happened? Well, in a word…execution. As great as some of the animation sequences
are, they can’t cover up a story that doesn’t really know what it wants to be, which is
a huge shame for such a good-looking anime with such a solid premise. And I think the first crack in the foundation
is the characters. They seemed well established, but there was
no real expounding on them in any real meaningful way. Arthur is trash, Shinra is okay, I guess. The rest are inconsequential, but I think
they dropped the ball most especially the girls. Maki and Tamaki are a flat-out waste. And I honestly don’t know which is the bigger
waste. We saw Maki manhandle Shinra and Arthur during
their little sparring session, but she’s been either absent or ineffective when the
fighting matters. People were slapping her with the waifu label
early on, and she’s turned out to be relatively useless. It’s sad, really. And Tamaki, they really spoiled a chance to
grow her character. I know she’s there for fan service, but
she could have been so much more. The whole time she’s been this scrappy loud
mouth who thinks she’s a badass, but during episode 9 when she realizes Rekka has betrayed
her trust and after he’s beaten the shit out of her, we see her in a moment where her
facade could not protect her anymore. And that gave us what I think is Fire Force’s
most powerful scene thus far. Shinra asks Tamaki if she’s okay, and tears
stream down her face, and in her moment of brokenness she has to admit she’s very not
okay. It was a brilliantly animated scene as Tamaki
gives us the most tangible moment in the series without uttering a single word. And then they bail. Moments later, Shinra’s hand is back on
her tits. This was a potential turning point, a defining
moment for the show, and they bailed. Which brings me to my next biggest issue. This show flirts with fan service in the most
forced way possible, and it distracts from the weight of those huge moments. Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve seen my
channel, you know I love the fan service shit as much as the next guy. Anime tiddies are part of what make the medium
great, but only when it makes sense. When we watch ecchi anime, we know what we’re
getting ourselves into. It’s why we’re here. But when you try sprinkle it in like this
lucky lecher lure bullshit, into an action shonen, and in a way that makes no sense and
is so out of place, it just comes off as cheap. Should Toonami have censored those ass-grab
moments? No. But they shouldn’t have been in the show
to begin with. And without those characters to attach yourself
to, who cares about the story? I was intrigued about the Infernals and who
was behind their creation at one point, but not anymore. I don’t even care about Shinra or his family. I couldn’t care less what happens to Neo-Neo-Neo
Tokyo. This could very well be the most disappointing
anime of 2019 for me personally. But I want to know what you think. Have you been able to stay excited for Fire
Force? Or did you end up dropping it? Either way, let me know why in the comments
below. Be sure to check out my Patreon to see how
you can be involved in my videos in the future. I’ll be back again soon. But until then…sayonara, suckas!


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