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How to Grill Perfect Firehouse Burgers

>>Jimmy Shotwell: Hi, I’m Jimmy Shotwell:
award-winning pitmaster, and today we’re gonna talk about burgers. We’re not going
to talk about just any burgers, we’re going to talk about firehouse burgers. First thing
we need to talk about when we talk about hamburgers, is not the buns or anything like that. We
need to talk about the meat. What we’re using today is something special. We’re
using 80/20. 80% meat, 20% fat. It’s a good ratio. We go a bit leaner, you’re going
to have a nice, dried out burger. You go a bit fattier, you’re just gonna have yourself
a hockey-puck where all that fat and meat reduce into nothing. So, 80/20 is a good ratio
for you when doing hamburgers for you and your family. One big, important key note,
is you don’t want to over handle the meat. So, today, we’re going to do some firehouse
burgers. When doing firehouse burgers, we’re going to take the meat, add a little bit of
jalapeños, and really quickly work it just a little bit and make a ball about the size
of your hand. Then, we’re going to take our thumb, and make a dimple into it. That
dimple is key, because when that burger cooks, instead of shrinking up and turning into a
ball that burger is going to be a nice, flat patty for you. So once you have made your
patties out, you’ve got a nice dimple on it, you wanna hit it with some seasoning.
What we are using is a good, basic salt, pepper, garlic. Not too spicy, not too salty. It is
a good overall ratio of salt, pepper, garlic. Coat both sides, that way you have wonder
flavor, flavor of the meat and the flavor of the jalapeño come through instead of all
the seasoning. Once you have all your seasoning, throw them back on the plate. Don’t throw
these on the grill immediately. You want that salt and that pepper to melt and dissolve
down into the meat. The flavor is not right there in the crust, its all the way down in
the meat. So, what you want to do is make sure you’ve got yourself a nice, hot grill.
Somewhere between 450 and 500 degrees. Then, you’re going to take these burgers and lay
them out on the grill, not all in one spot, all spread out. If you put them all in one
spot, you’re going to get nice, big flare ups and you’re going to burn your burgers.
We want to make sure we spread those out. Then, close it. Once we’ve got the burgers
on there, we are going to leave them sitting on there from 3 to 4 minutes. We don’t want
to continuously turn them, continuously turning them you’re going to lose juice, you’re
going to lose flavor. Now, we’ve got those burgers on the grill, lets make a nice, fiery,
creamy sauce to put on there. What we are going to do is something really simple, 3
ingredients. We’re going to take about a quarter cup of mayonnaise, we’re going to
add some hot sauce to it, but for me, I’m going to put quite a bit in there. For the
last, final ingredient, take some salt/pepper/garlic, kind of like we put on the burger. Just put
a dash in there and then whisk it together. Once you have whisked it together, you can
put it on the burger and have some great flavor. So, now, we are at the halfway point for the
burgers, they’ve been cooking about 3 to 4 minutes, now it is time to flip them. We
are going to flip them just once. You don’t want to keep flipping them, because every
time you flip that burger, more and more juices are going to come out. So, we are going to
flip it once, walk away, and don’t touch the grill for another 3-4 minutes. Check your
internal temperature of the meat, and you’ll be ready to eat. Now that you have got your
burgers to the perfect temperature where you are ready to pull them off and serve them,
you can do that, or you can add some more flavor! What I am going to do is throw some
of my favorite cheese on these nice, spicy burgers, pepper jack cheese. It’s just going
to add that extra kick. Once you get that cheese melted, now it is time to pull it off,
serve it to your family, or your favorite fire fighters.

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