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How to Do the Pole Dancing Fireman Move : What is the Pole Dancing Fireman Move?

So this is the fireman move and this move
it takes upper body strength. It also takes core abdominal strength. It also takes a little
bit of balance and self discipline. I breakdown this move into three different ways to learn
this move because this move requires that you trust yourself a little bit because you
are actually spinning around the pole. I like to get people used to the feeling of what
I call the drop and what happens is once you have this you’re actually going to let your
body drop and fall so it will pull your shoulder, it will pull your arm and will pull your back.
So you will have to be aware that you will be sore the next day after you do this move.
I’m just quickly going to go over the three ways that I break down this move. Basic way
is just that drop that I was that I was talking about. More advanced move is a little bit
more leg and you still feel the drop. And the way the final move goes is like so. It
is one of the first moves that girls learn. It’s the most classic move that is used and
it is also one of the most fun.

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