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How to Do the Pole Dancing Fireman Move : Advanced Exit Strategy for Fireman Pole Dancing Move

Exit strategies for the advance fireman there
is a few different ways you can do it. The big different is between this fireman move
and the other fireman moves is a lot of times you end up on your knees. Getting up off the
floor from your knees can be a tricky thing to do if you are not creative. So I’m just
going to demonstrate how I sometimes would come up from this position. One foot at a time happens to be I think that
best way to do it. You can get a little bit more creative with it if you like take some
to get use to, sort of rolling around the floor but it can be fun. So there is a couple of extra strategies that
you can use, you can also never hit the floor with your knees and land on your feet. instead
of letting your knees go down on the floor and up on your toes and pull yourself up to
a standing position.


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