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Houston Fire Department equipment with AC issues

thank you for joining us I’m Keith Garvin I’m Sara dawn Chi Channel 2 investigates has been following this issue since last year and now we’re learning some HFD engines and ladders don’t have air conditioning investigator July the bomb is live at Houston City Hall with more on this story Joel Sarah of course these fire engines and ladder trucks are supposed to have air-conditioning it just doesn’t work how widespread is the problem caught up with the chief about 45 minutes ago he said about 50 trucks don’t have AC at this point that’s about a third of the fleet that’s a problem for firefighters and potentially a problem for the rest of us if you hadn’t noticed it’s warming up in Houston not just outside though inside Houston’s fire trucks engines and ladders with broken air-conditioning it is searing AC doesn’t work at all it blows basically warm air he’s not exaggerating Houston firefighters in full gear are in apparatus where the temperature can and does exceed 110 degrees you care because this is the crew trying to rescue your family and here’s how they arrived to your house they’re all ready when did already hot heat exhaustion supply setting in and work yet and as serious as that problem is on the first day of hurricane season it is not the only hft equipment failure we’re uncovering this week in hft ambulance assigned to the presidential motorcade broke down that of course is a planned event where you could handpick the apparatus if that happens then what can we expect with the emergency equipment during a hurricane no one has alerted me that anything broke down but right the reality is is that any mechanical item like a car truck whatever subject to breaking down we have to quickly get them prepared and get them back up and running again I actually had an interesting exchange with mayor Turner regarding that breakdown during the presidential visit that part of the story’s coming up on Channel 2 News at six for now we’re live at City Hall Joe Eliza Baum KPRC Channel 2 News


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