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Hot Fireman Dips & Safety Tips | Episode 2: Roasted Garlic & White Bean Dip

All right guys. Welcome back. It’s another segment
of Hot Fireman’s Dips and Safety Tips. Today, we’re going to make a salami chip with roasted
garlic and white bean dip. Absolutely delicious. Look forward to working with you. We’re going to go over our ingredients. First thing we’re gonna need is a little warm water. Some salt and pepper. Some garlic. Some lemon juice. Some salami that we’re going to roast in the
oven. And I have used today some small white beans. Lastly – most importantly from an Italian
standpoint – Olive Oil. If you cut me I bleed… Next we have the garlic guys – Very important
we want to roast this – 400 degrees for around 30 to 40 minutes. We’re going to
cut that top off, pour some olive oil in there, get it really nice and juicy. Pour some kosher
salt on top to let that garlic – kind of let the flavor come out of it. Wrap
it in aluminum foil and we’re going to put it right in our oven. 400 degrees. 30-40 minutes.
Delicious. All right guys. It’s been about 30 to 40 minutes
on 400 degrees. We have a beautiful head of garlic in there that’s been roasting. Let’s take a look and
see what we have. Oh yeah. This is just like my grandmother used to make it. Look at that. Salute! That garlic will take you where you got to go. All right guys. So here we have the last of it. We squeezed out our garlic from that garlic
head. Look at that. Beautiful roasted garlic. Just by cutting the top of the garlic. You
can squeeze from the bottom and all that beautiful garlic comes out into our deli waiting to
become part of something delicious. All right guys. Now we’re going to mix all of
our components to bring out this beautiful beautiful roasted garlic and white bean dip.
We’re going to take our roasted garlic – throw it in the food processor, give it a pulse
and then add the remaining ingredients. Delicious. All right guys. I took my salami here. Laid
it out on a beautiful cookie sheet. Put it in the oven and we’re going to roast it from
anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Til it’s nice and crispy on 400 [degrees].
All right guys. It’s been about 15 minutes on 400 degrees. I think we’ve got a beautiful,
crispy, salami in here waiting for us. Don’t be shy. Oh look at this! Absolutely beautiful.
Guys, these salami chips – they’re delicious. Roasted, right out of the oven – umphh that
crunch is [garbled] so delicious… And all of a sudden your flavor… [choking]… when
you’re getting into… this type of situation, you just want to call 911. Yes choking please
send help. Could take a little while. [cough] Heimlich Guy: Nice mustache. Fireman Joe: That was a proper Heimlich. All right guys, remember. We had a close call today. Heimlich maneuver is the safety tip
of the day. Make sure you take your dominant hand, put it into that area of the body right
above the naval. Wrap that other hand around and in a j-ward motion pull inward and
upward. The life you save might be somebody who makes a dip for you one day.
All right guys. Thank you again for tuning into another segment of Hot Fireman Dips and Safety
Tips. We had a great segment. We hope to see you soon. Give us a like and remember, in
Brooklyn, we always say “if the food is good, it’s proper.”

  • "If you cut me, I bleed olive oil."
    "Nice mustache."
    "The life you save might be somebody who makes a dip for you one day."

  • If the Situation is choking he's not going to have the wherewithal (or ability to talk) to pick up the phone and call Bald Pauley D to give him the Heimlich. He'd be better off self-administering it via a chair-back. Dangerous misinformation! Lame! And 'situation 2' needs a catch-phrase.

  • "I'm a little conflicted….On one hand, I'm proud. On the other hand……" WTF was the assignment??!? Constructive criticism: I think from a pedagogical standpoint you need to do the safety demo a few more times. Is there going to be a calendar? Such goofballs, my boys.

  • I think maybe more info on the Heimlich? Maybe a better demo on the motions. Also, on your captions–it should be all right. Sorry, pet peeve of mine. Dip looks fantastic!

  • Recipe sounds fantastic, more on the Heimlich like self administering would be helpful, better instructions for recipe this time.

  • I would spruce up the set by putting the ingredients in glass bowls like they do on the food network. I don't understand the mustaches but perhaps I missed something in the audio about that additionally get rid of the handing over of the phone to the choking artist. Also the rescuer should arrive in clothes that are more job appropriate. Perhaps a sleepless fireman's jacket. Make it funny, but don't not like he is a weightlifter from the 1920s funny.

  • I especially like the snazzy Pink Panther soundtrack dead air filler – in fact, with the mustache on, Brooklyn Joe even looks a bit like Peter Sellers. You could class up the ingredient bowls a bit, as well as provide ingredient amounts for the dip (it is the easiest recipe since PB&J for chrissakes). Maybe clown it up by having Joe start choking repeatedly with weightlifter guy being overzealous with the Heimlich rescue, thereby allowing repeated demonstrations? Too slapstick? I dunno. Otherwise, very engaging.

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