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Hot Fireman Dips & Safety Tips | Episode 1: Bacon and Yogurt Dip

Alright guys. You’re here in my humble abode.
We are gonna be talking about a new segment and a new series for your online platforms.
It’s called hot fireman dips and safety tips. My name is Joe. I’m a fireman from Brooklyn
born and raised. We’re going to take this real quality food that a lot of you are interested
in and show you what you can do with it in different and unusual ways to produce some
real good flavor. Ok guys. Here we are with our fresh bacon
from the butcher in Brooklyn on 3rd Avenue. We’re going to show you a good sizzle. We
have our cast iron pan – I only use cast iron when it comes to frying and sauteing – it’s
a little more challenging to cook with, but if you do it and do it consistently you’re
going to produce some really good flavors. We’re going to take our bacon – no need to
grease the pan – the fat in the bacon will kind of melt off and do its thing. You hear
that sizzle? That’s kind of what the goal is. We don’t want to put it in in a cold pan.
You’ll have – it will just take a little bit longer and it won’t cook as well to be honest. We’re
going to use about six strips of bacon today for our warm yogurt and bacon dip and uhh
– hopefully you enjoy. Be careful when you go out and you get your
fresh cut bacon from the butcher. It cooks a lot faster than the store bought bacon
that you get from the supermarket. Don’t mind my caramelized onions on the stove. What household
doesn’t have caramelized onions going every minute of the day? As I mentioned, this bacon, fresh bacon, there is no better flavor – a lot of times, even that, you know, some of these other real natural brands that you’re wasting your money on from the supermarket – go to a butcher and get real bacon. At the end of the day you’re going
to have a piece of bacon that is absolutely delicious.
Warm yogurt and bacon dip. We’re going to cover all of the ingredients right now. We’ll
have a posting and a list of all the ingredients as we go. So that you have exact measurements.
I know that some of you are Type A and you need to know every little single bit that
goes into this wonderful dip. So we have a little fresh cracked black pepper. Don’t buy
that stuff that’s already sitting already cracked – it just produces a way more authentic
flavor. Some Kosher salt. Some onion powder. Some garlic powder. Some room temperature
cream cheese. Some sour cream. Some Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt. Some Hellman’s mayo. My
girlfriend is from Nashville. Lord help you if you do not use Hellman’s. OK? Don’t do
this recipe unless it’s Hellman’s. Extra-Sharp – I’m sorry – Sharp White Cracker Barrel Cheese
and some fresh parsley. That in addition to the bacon – You’ve got yourself a magical
dip. OK everybody we’re back. We’re going to check
on our warm yogurt and bacon dip. As you can see I kept it in our baking tray because it
did spill over a little bit. I’m gonna throw it down on a hot plate. Look how beautiful
that looks. Nice and crisp on the edges. Beautiful. We’re going to take our bacon. We’re gonna
sprinkle that bacon right on top just for a little garnish. Beautiful. Some fresh parsley. Look at that. Salud. Enjoy. Alright guys. So we just spent a whole lot
of time cooking some really, really great flavors and we put together a great dip. We’re
going to talk a little about burn injuries today. From a safety standpoint – I’m a firefighter
I always want to make sure that you guys are safe in the kitchen. First thing: if the burn
is of such severity that you think that you need medical attention, call 911. If you have
some type of burn where you have some clothing or jewelry – if possible you want to make sure
– if you can remove the jewelry, do so. If the burn is a part of where the clothing is,
leave the clothing on. Don’t peel it off. Lastly, we want to make sure that you cover
that burn injury with a clean dry cloth. Be safe guys.
Alright guys this was hot fireman dips and safety tips. I’ll see you next time. Remember,
this is proper.

  • Words can't describe how lame this is. At least SHOW a burn (maybe have the 'hot fireman' set himself on fire–through effects) and show how to treat it and how it could have been prevented. Maybe show him leave the bacon cooking to go get some beers and come back and have the room flashover. I watch vids to learn how to make dips, i MAY watch a vid to show how to treat a burn (After I get one), I'm not going to do both at the same time unless its far more entertaining than this.

  • Definitely going to try the dip but probably would not have continued to watch after recipe to get the safety tip if not for watching this for a friend. I would suggest incorporating the safety tip throughout making the recipe.

  • That 5 mins and 14 seconds could have been better spent watching The Notebook trailers, cutting my wrists with a blunt stream rock, or placing bets on a Cleveland Browns Super Bowl win……………………

  • nice job! might be good to have another person in the video too, even for just a cameo. Bantering back and forth with each other more than the camera…. just a thought

  • The dip looks delicious! It was great that you explained why you had chosen certain ingredients/kitchen tools.

  • Would it kill you to find an apron to replace the UnderArmor shirt buddy – class it up a little? But seriously, tasty looking recipe – good presentation, and I like the rolling commentary on ingredient choice – everyone SHOULD take bacon seriously. Little weak on the safety tips friends – maybe you could gently spice the burn advice throughout instead of as an afterthought a'la Saturday morning cartoon format? Otherwise, engaging and humorous – he's making gourmet dip accessible to the common man this Brooklyn Joe.

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