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Hong Kong Protest: Black Masked Fireman Press Conference – 4 November 2019

Rescue services are our pride and duty But the approach and the guidelines are only sufficient under normal circumstances and handling protesters but it does not cover to handle unreasonable police methods After many months of one sided policies and experience when fire department services perform their duties have encountered multiple times of obstructions by police, who did not identify themselves and their rude treatments How should this be resolved? We have provided information about the described situation and are utterly disappointed No matter what circumstances We condemn all obstructions to our rescue services 2 November a fire truck have been struck by a tear gas grenade and damaged Firemen went forward to understand the situation were pushed by police Because of one comment, they have been treated unreasonably by the police And even have to be concerned about punishment We do not accept Please state when rescue services are in an emergency the one who are worried and afraid of the risk sources are not the protesters that are like Moses splitting the Red Sea But the unreasonable treatment by the police and their unfair law enforcement We demand the department to respond to these problems


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