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(HINDI) Explaining Twin Flame To Family | Yogi Jnana Param

In this video we will discuss that How to convince the family and friends about your twin flame relation? What should be done if they are not able to understand it? Hi, I am Param from We help in uniting twin flames and creating twin flame coaches. To watch previous videos and upcoming videos regarding twin flames, You can subscribe to our YouTube channel “Twin Flames Coach Chandigarh”. Link to complete playlist related to twin flames can be found in the description below. How can You tell about twin flames to your family i.e. Parents, Kids, Partner or friends OR How can you convince them that so and so person is your twin flame? Here are few examples: Lets assume that you dont know anything about twin flames. And you are unmarried. You are a male and Your friend comes and tells you that your sister is his twin flame OR You are a female and a girl whom you hate, comes and tells you that your brother is her twin flame. What would be your reaction? Lets assume that you are married and you dont know anything about twin flames. Your husband says tells you that his office colleague is his twin flame Or Your wife tell you that her childhood friend is her Twin Flame. What would be your reaction? Lets assume that you are married and you dont know anything about twin flames. Your father comes to you and tells you that Mrs. Sharma, who lives next door is his twin flame. Or Your mother tells you that Mr. Gupta, who live in back side of your house is her twin flame. What would be your reaction? There can be other combination as well, like You have a married daughter and you find out out that her husband is your twin flame. Would you be able to understand and accept it? Lets take another example. Lets assume that you have never eaten a Mango and neither you have eaten anything sweet. And I tell you that Mango is very sweet fruit. Will you be able to relate to my statement or understand meaning of sweet? No! Similarly, how do you expect someone to understand about twin flames, when they had not experienced it yet. If no, then how do you expect that your parents or partner or kids will understand this. If you had already tried to convince others, you probably already know that it doesn’t work. And We listen to the opinions of our friends and family who have never submerged themselves in a twin flame relationship – instead of listening to our intuitions. For a moment, think that Why do you want to convince your family and friends, And what will you achieve by convincing your Parents, Kids OR Partner about your twin flame relation? What will happen if they approve approve your relation with your twin? If you are single, then Do you want them to your parents to accept your twin as your partner? if you are married, then do you want your spouse to accept that you have a more intimate relationship with your twin flame? Or what do you want to achieve? Lets assume that your parents approve your choice or your partner accepts this reality. Will you two be able to meet openly or will be able to live together? Do you think that you will be very happy with your twin who is yet unawakened? In previous video, we discussed that it is the twin who gives as most pain, because in reality, your twin is just reflecting or mirroring all the hurts and wounds that you are caring in your subconscious memory. In this human birth , where the most pleasurable thing we know is sex, how do you expect your family and family of your twin to think its not just sexual attraction, instead of a divine connection. So, What should be done if no one is able to understand your relation or your relation is hurtful at present? In the history of man kind, it has happened many times that when something new was discovered, by some brilliant scientist or scholar, it was rejected or opposed by others. For e.x When Galileo discovered that earth rotates around Sun, he was accused that he is misleading people with his statements. Before Galileo made this statement, it was believed that sun rotates around sun. As his statement created contradiction with common belief, so he was opposed by masses. One more interesting story is that of a person, lets call him Rakesh, who was getting an opportunity to play an important role in the welfare of human kind. He was given visions by his spirit guides. a) He was first shown a birth in which he was a powerful priest of a community. He used his power and position for corruption, greed and lust. b) Next he was shown his another birth. In this, he was a socially weak person, but he understood the laws of spirituality, reincarnation, souls, life after death, etc. He started to teach and preach these spiritual facts and was soon captured by the authorities as his teachings was against the common beliefs. He was given an option to step back and ask for forgiveness, but he did not do that. Instead he continued to state his preaching against common beliefs. So finally he was executed for his sins. After viewing both these lives, Rakesh came to this understanding that when he had power, he did not use it wisely for the good of all, so that life was wasted. And in next life, he tried to force the change when he did not had the power. So this life was also wasted as he had to die. So, what should be done when your circumstances are against you? You can calm down, and take small steps by doing your inner work silently with an understanding that “as change is inevitable”, so eventually you will achieve your desired result, if you go slowly at this stage. e.g. – Lets say that everyone in your families are against you and your twin. Then in this moment, is it wise to fight with everyone around or is it wise to sit down for some days or weeks and wait for things to cool down, while you keep on doing your inner work. Why this situation has raised that no one is able to understand you? Understand this that your soul planned for this type of situation, where you dont have anyone to speak to about what you are going through. You can speak to me but i am also available for a very limited time. So, this is happening to you so that the only option left for you is to go inside yourself. And when you start the process to go inside, to find out answers, that is the time when inner work starts. So, to summarize, We can only do our inner work and then see how things start to fall into place. If you are doing some inner work and things are not moving then it means that may be you need to learn something more. So, It all depends on your inner work. With Inner work, you will find a way, things will be sorted. If you have any questions or comments about this video then leave them in comment section. Link to complete series and link to “Twin Flame Union” program with details about inner work can be found in the description below. To watch upcoming videos, You can subscribe to our YouTube channel “Twin Flames Coach Chandigarh”. Thank you so much for watching and I see you next time.

  • Sar kiya sab ki twin flam hoti he q ki mujhe pata chala ki jesa mere sath hua wesa bakio ke sath nahi hota our bas 2 saal hone a rahe he per me use bhul nahi pa rahi our ab to mujhe hi akele age jana hoga. Q ki use pata v nahi he kv bat karta he phir khud hi piche ho jata he thanku sar aap ke video ko dekh kar hi khud per kaam karna suru kiya he ab jo ho

  • Sir, main to awaken ho gayi hu but mera twin flame awaken nahi hai. Use to ye bhi nahi pata ke wo mera twin flame hai. To aisi situation me muje kya karna hoga? Aur muje jab se pata chala hai apne twin flame k baare me tabse main bahut khush hu. Isse pehle to muje apne twin flame pe gussa aata tha k usne aisa kyu kia wo kyu chala gaya. But ab sab samjh aa gaya hai to acha lag raha hai. But ye nahi pata k ab muje karna kya hai? Please guide. Thank you.

  • Thanks you sir for this wonderful advice and sir and what should we do when we are talking with our twin flame after a long time and still having misunderstanding in between us. And I don't know whether he knows or not that we are twin flame of each other

  • Thank … hope it will help me .. I m serious .. about this journey . And telling about my journey .. 😊

  • You r genius sir, kitne bhi twin flame related channel Dekh lo lekin Jo aap samjhate h wo unique, well explained and motivational hota h. Thanks a lot sir…

  • Sir ek baat poochna hai apse k meri to AVI separation hai Magar sir twin kavi kavi mujhse Milne atey hai Magar wo mujhe kuch trigger nhi karta hai Balki wo bohot achchi behave karte hai.aur ye vi wo shrikar karta hai k wo mujhe love karta hai. Pehle thoda bohot trigger karta tha Magar ab nhi karta hai.iska kuch matlab hai kya??

  • You make an amazing impact on everyone than you realize sir.I always believe in what you say because of your awesome outlook on twin flame journey..thank you so much sir

  • Thanks for this video sir, you are right, ye question mere mind Mein bahut pehle hi aa chuka tha ki kisi ko bhi ye samjhana namumkin hai ki, ye sexual attraction nahi divine connection hai, q Ki har kisi ke mind Mein first question yahi aata hai, Mein kisi ko convince nahi karna chahti, bcz ye divine connection understanding ke bahar, Har koi ise physical relation ya connection hi samjhta hai, mujhe God par pura trust hai, ek din automatically sab kuch change hoga, Mein Aur mera twin sirf inner work kar rahe hai, mera twin har condition Mein Mere saath hai, wo shayad is connection ko nahi samjhta par mujhe spiritual path par first push uski taraf se hi hua hai, aur ek din Mein sab kuch samjh Gayi ki shayad life Mein sab kuch Chhod sakti hu par use nahi, he is my spiritual gift, Jo uper wale Ne mere liye bheja hai, life Mein bahut pressure aur tension hai but isse bhag nahi sakte, bass inner work karke thik rehne Ki kosish kar rahe hai, you are right sir, aapke suggestion par kisi ko bhi convince nahi kar rahi, Jo bhi ho raha hai sab God handle kar rahe hai, aur sab un par Chhod diya hai. Mujhe apni soch Aur angle se koi bhi cheej impossible nahi lagti hai, but family ki taraf se ho sakta hai problem ho, but I trust only on God, wo duniya ki sabse powerful force hai jo chahe to kya nahi ho sakta. I am waiting for only right time.

  • Sir please guide me…mere twin khte h ki vo muje lekr bot confuse hu unne kuch smj nhi aata h……..or muje lekr mud off ho jata h……apne ap se hi run kr rhe h vo….😰😰😰😰ab kya hoga….

  • mera twin flame bura tha usne mujhe bahut pain diya,usse na mile mujhe 2 years ho gaye ,kya mujhe reunion ke liye inner work karna chahiye??

  • Koe nhi smjhtaa sir sb humko pagal smjhte h … sbko lgtaa h hwsh h bss koe nhi smjhnaa chahta bss sb hqq jtate h khud kaa……..jis pr beetti h whi smjh sktaa h andr se aatmaa dukhi baar se log πŸ˜–πŸ’πŸ’πŸ™πŸ™

  • Yes very true. Like always u have made a very nice video by giving good example. Lots of love and blessings πŸ’•

  • M b twin flam hi hu bt after 8 mnth bad muje ab smj aaya h ye sb…mera partner to mujse 8 mnth s bat b nhi kr rha h…muje guide kijiye sir…m pain m hu bahut

  • Thank you for this video. You’re the first person I’ve seen to talk about this topic. Many people in other videos have it wrong about the TF journey. They talk about leaving everyone for this one TF. But it is a relationship for inner work. As much as my TF hurt me, my life became better as I reflected on myself. My marriage became better, I became a better mother, a better friend, and a better person. I became more conscious of myself. I do not care to live with my TF but it would be nice to have him as a friend to talk to. I hope this TF relationship is introduced to main stream society so it is more acceptable. β€οΈπŸ’™β˜―οΈ

  • Omg! First time on your channel.
    I was praying to find words how to explain what I am feeling. My TF is married with children. He can’t admit the connection and can’t stay away either. Listening to you helped a lot I will explore your other video as well. Thank you for sharing. I am connecting with you from NJ- USA

  • Thank you sir….sir laghbhag 7 to 8 months se iss Tarah ki awakening honi start ho gayi. Aur iss twin flame journey ko understand Karne k liye Maine aap k play list k sare videos dekhe…kafi batey clear ho rahi hain….sir iss visay mein seriously mujhe Aapke guidance n teaching ki jaroorat hai. Will you kindly help me in my spiritual growth…

  • sir hume apne twin ke bare me jyda sochna chahiye ya nhi uske sath age ki life ke bare me sochna chaiye ya nhi lekin me apna inner work bhi kr rhi hu but me uske ek achhi life or balancing life imagine krti hu

  • Kyun kisi twin flame ki journey bohuth difficult hota hai aur kisi ki thoda kam… Kya unke power ke issabse issues hota hai ya ! power s ke limitations kya hai ???

  • Sir thank u so much for wonderful guidance. Sir I am 39 yr old seperated lady my twin is 25 yr old n he is not awaken.i love him lot.pls guide should I tell him .will he ever realise. And pls guide how to inner self meditation

  • Sir kya mai apne twin ko bata sakta hu ki..humlog Twins(Twin flame)hai..??
    kyuki wo educated nahi hai..unhe is chij ke baare me bilkul bhi pata nahi hai..
    sir plz bataiye ki mai unhe batau ya na batau???

  • Mai twin flamin hau.hum dono divorce hai.3month ho Gaye hum meet up nahi ho pa Raha.humare bich Mai ladai hoti rahati hai.abhi to vo muz se baat bhi nahi karta. Muze usne block kar diya.muze Milne se darta hai kya karu Mai samaj nahi aata? Plz help me

  • Very True sir…how can one understand if he is not expering the journey ? …. Thanks a lot for superb knowledgeable video

  • Sir mai 28 year complete kr chuki hu December me pr pichle ak sal se us inshan se connect hu vo mere twin flame hai kyoki jo connection unse feel karti hu kisi se feel nahi hota hai pr vo married hai aor judva betiya bhi hai ab hm khud ko samjha samjha kr har jate hai ghar se pressure hai hm sadi kare hm kya kare aor kaishe samjhaye ki hmse nahi hoga

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