HI-FOG® Fire Protection for Data Centers – animation

Data is the “new oil” that
keeps businesses running. The already enormous amount of data we produce
and consume is growing exponentially every year. This has led to an increased
demand for large data centers. A large data center contains
server rows, after server rows, with hundreds of kilometers of cables connecting
the servers online and to power sources. As energy density per rack rises,
more process cooling is necessary. And while fire risk in these complex facilities
increases the tolerance for downtime decreases. FM Approvals certifies industrial and commercial
products and services for companies worldwide. As loss prevention professionals, FM Approvals recognized the increased fire risk in data centers and sought a solution. HI-FOG® is the world’s leading high-pressure water mist
system solution that has met their high standards and it has received the FM Approvals certificate to
protect data halls and subfloors in data centers. Let’s take a look at how HI-FOG® fire protection
works and what components it consists of. The heart of the system is the HI-FOG® Electric Pump Unit, EPU. It pressurizes the water and provides required flow. Specifically designed valves are
designed to prevent a false discharge. Pressurized water is distributed
through stainless steel pipes. And finally, the layout of the sprinklers is designed to fit the criteria determined by full scale fire tests and approvals. Other components that the system requires are detectors and a release panel that functions as the brain for the whole system. Data center operators want to prevent false
discharges in their data halls at all costs. This has been taken into consideration
with a pre-action system. In case of a false alarm, the sprinklers
stay closed as the bulbs are unbroken In a normal situation, the pipes in the
data hall are pressurized with air. This helps in monitoring the whole system and makes sure the sprinklers are unbroken when the system is in stand-by mode. If a sprinkler bulb breaks accidentally, only pressurized air escapes the sprinkler, and the system generates an alert signal. HI-FOG® system is fast and inexpensive to reset to stand-by mode. It only requires changing the released sprinklers to new ones. No need for expensive replenishment as is
the case with gas suppression systems. The data hall is typically equipped
with early sensing smoke detectors. The system activates when one or several
detectors send a signal to the release panel. The release panel responds by sending a signal to the control cabinet which immediately starts the HI-FOG® pumps, which then will generate high pressure. A signal is also sent to open up the valve. water mist is only released to the
area where it is needed to fight fire. HI-FOG® is approved by FM Approvals to protect the
server rooms also known as white space and subfloors. Subfloors are used for delivering
process cooling to servers. They are also often used for laying cable racks. Cable fires can be really difficult to extinguish, appropriately HI-FOG® has been designed to fight
fire also in the narrow spaces under the data hall. Water is discharged only to the area of fire, not to the entire data hall subsequently preventing flooding of the premises. HI-FOG® uses significantly less water
compared to traditional sprinkler systems. Cooling is also more efficient in comparison to traditional sprinklers or low-pressure water mist systems. Unlike expensive gases, water is a commodity
with no risk of being banned by authorities. Using water mist is not restricted
to one shot of operation either. HI-FOG® provides total protection
for all spaces of a data center. Water mist fire protection can also be used
in office areas where personnel are located. And water mist offers an excellent choice in fighting fire in technical areas with back-up generators, transformers and UPS’s. Any expansions of the site can be done easily and efficiently just by adding pipes,
valves and sprinklers to new areas supported by the original pump-set. This scalability is especially beneficial in
modular data centers that are built in phases. HI-FOG® is your performance-based solution
based on full scale fire tests. HI-FOG® Protecting Your Cloud With Mist

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