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Helena Fire Department issues year-end report

now in 2018 the Helena Fire Department responded to more than 3700 calls for fires medical or other emergency services around 70% of those calls were EMT related with a total of 16 structure fires now Assistant Fire Chief Mike chambers says that while the call volume was fairly standard it was a historic year due to the growth in personnel Helena fire added a total of 10 new firefighters in 2018 the new fire positions were paid for by a $900,000 levy approved by voters in June and an $800,000 national grant the chamber says the new firefighters have greatly increased the number of staff available to respond to an emergency on each shift but their training is ongoing that’s nearly a third of our our shift staff so to be able to train that many folks to be able to get them up to speed to be able to operate independently we’re still going to be working on that into 2019 but we were fortunate enough to hire 10 very competent very intelligent very well-trained guys in 2019 Helena Fire will also be looking at replacing some decade old equipment so that they can maintain the same level of service the community has come to expect

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