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Haven – The safe automatic fire extinguisher seen on CBC Dragons’ Den

Cooking is an enjoyable and important
activity in your home. But did you know, cooking accidents are
the number one cause of house fires? Now your home can have full-time protection
against kitchen and other potentially dangerous fires, with the
Haven automatic fire extinguisher. Created by a working firefighter The Haven
automatic fire extinguisher is the fire extinguisher that’s always in the room and always ready to
fight fire without water, Reduce potential property damage and above all, provide your family
with valuable time to exit to safety when Every Second Counts. Rather than requiring you to look for a fire extinguisher in an emergency, the Haven’s heat activated triggered automatically discharges the safe, super fine dry chem agent when a room’s temperature reaches dangerous levels. Unlike standard smoke
detectors The Haven automatic fire extinguisher does not sound false alarms
during low risk instances of smoke and unlike sprinkler systems the Haven
automatic fire extinguisher requires no plumbing and no electrical wiring. The Havin automatic fire extinguisher installs easily between floor joists in less than
five minutes the ABC dry chem agent inside the Haven
does not cause water damage and cleans up easily in the event of the discharge. Every Haven automatic fire extinguisher unit can provide effective fire suppression
two areas up to a 16 by 16 foot area and is designed to give you ten years of
constant protection. The Haven automatic fire extinguisher
is recommended for use in kitchens, hallways, bedrooms
or anywhere else in your home, you want additional
protection from accidental fires. And because it operates independently
without additional power and in extreme cold, the Haven automatic fire extinguisher
is perfect for use in attached garages workshops and other outbuildings The Haven automatic fire extinguisher is the affordable
no hassle no worry way to give your home full-time protection
and give you peace of mind. Look for the Haven in stores or online at

  • How do you get around the vapour barrier when you install it through that little hole? Is this actually CSA approved? I don't think it is!

  • Again why is there no gauge to tell you the system is charged like every certified fire suppression system? The certified fire extinguishers at Home Depot have gauges on them so you know if they are charged. It is recommended to have your fire extinguishers certified every year. In a Condo and apartment buildings it is a bylaw that the fire protection systems are checked by a professional very year.

  • WHERE IS THE PRESSURE GAUGE. How did this product get approved to sell to the public, you can't tell if it is even pressurized! No way to check it or get it re-certified every year like all other fire suppression systems.

  • Check out the watch dog fire suppression system, it is a better product and has a pressure gauge on it. Probably a better price too.

  • Your right Deker, a fire suppression system requires a pressure gauge, this can not be a certified fire protection product.

  • I have looked into this product after thinking about what a great idea it would be to have the extra security. But I have found it does not have the proper functionality to be reliable. No it does not have a dial to tell if it is pressurized. How can the claim be made it will last ten years? There really is no way to check if it is functioning. I am not sure why anyone would endorse this product. We have decided to have a real fire suppression system installed in our new home and it is going to be one that is serviceable and reliable.

  • I love the innovation especially the slick design. But the problem I have with this product is that it lacks solid data sheet and tests, we want to see more independent test results and 3rd party videos. The official promotion video is a joke, it's like infomercial. The worst part is that, they disabled the comments section on their YouTube recently because there were some negative comments. Well, you don't do that, if it were a good solid product, then show and prove those comments are wrong! It's like they are hiding something.

    Some online reviews are stupid, people give 5 stars because their delivery is fast and also because it looks fantastic on the ceiling. The reviews won’t tell you anything about reliability, sensitivity, discharge performance in a real fire. I was about to buy 2 of them at my local Lowes for my basement servers but didn't do it, because I want to look for other competitive products. After doing some research, I actually learned that these small automatic fire suppression isn't new to the industry at all! No way Haven would be the world's first automatic fire extinguisher/suppression system. Similar products have been used in boats, race car, server rooms etc. for years. Google "InControlsSystem" (30 years in the industry, approved by Canadian Coast Guard) and "Fireboy-xintex". All automatic. Of course there are some small companies like "Fire Fight Products LLC", then there is "Elide fire ball" from Thailand which requires no battery has tons of 3rd party videos online. Of course, I have to say Haven LOOKS the best 😛

  •   The Fire Sprinkler Automatic Extinguisher operates manually as well for early fire detection ..awesome!

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