Hard Corps Jobs | Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting

Hey, I’m Lance Cpl. Tyler Harrison, and
this is Hard Corps Jobs. On this episode of Hard Corps Jobs we’re going to step into the shoes of Staff Sgt. Best, and see what it takes to be a Marine firefighter. So, what we do as firefighters in support of the Airwing and the MEF Is we support air operations. Obviously there being a lot more facets involved, but we are firefighters. Our main purpose is to make sure that we can
create an egress through firefighting. pull the pilots out if a downed aircraft were to happen
or mishap, and get them to safety. As far as the lessons you take away, it’s nothing that you can take lightly. The training that we do is literally live fire. We can practice spraying water on air on concrete,
but you can’t control fire. The fire has a mind of its own. If it wants to go left it’s going to go left. If it wants to go right it’s going to go right. We can’t control it. It’s going to come at you
and you have to be ready to fight that fire in any way. Thanks for tuning in and seeing this episode of
Hard Corps Jobs. For more information follow us on Facebook or at 1 Marine Expeditionary Force. Until next time.

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