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Glasgow School of Art on fire after huge blaze rips through building – Daily News

 A fire has broken out at the Glasgow School of Art for the second time in four years  The Mackintosh Building at the school has been undergoing restoration work since the blaze in May 2014 but a fire has broken out at the art school once again  The fire this evening can be seen from more than 10 miles away according to social media reports  The campus is believed to have been evacuated and firefighters are desperately trying to keep the blaze under control  The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have confirmed they are in attendance at a blaze in the city  They wrote on Twitter: “Firefighters are working hard to extinguish the well-developed fire that has taken hold of the Mackintosh building in the Glasgow School of Art ”  Witness Aidan Dick said the fire and smoke grew in intensity “in the space of a few minutes”  The school have tweeted: “There is a fire at the Mackintosh Building.  “The fire brigade are currently on scene We will report back with news updates as soon as possible.”  The Labour MP for Glasgow North East, Paul Sweeney, tweeted: “Devastated that a major fire has broken out at the Glasgow School of Art tonight  “The Mack has been undergoing restoration since the last devastating fire in 2014  “(Firefighters) are doing everything they can to salvage the most architecturally important building in Glasgow ”  Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: Thoughts with you GSofA – I know @scotfire_glasgo will be doing everything they can ”  In 2014, a spark from a projector ignited a massive fire in the same building, spreading flames across the roof and sending massive plumes of smoke into the sky  Students had been preparing for their final year degree show when the Mackintosh building was set aflame at 12 30pm, causing extensive damage to around 90% of the structure.  The fire comes days after the 150th birthday of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the celebrated architect who designed the much-loved building  One twitter user said: “Horrible to see Glasgow School of Art on fire again.”  Another added: “I absolutely can not believe the Glasgow School of Art is on fire again  “I am absolutely devastated for all the staff and especially the students.  “All their hard work and their showcases ruined, can’t even imagine how they’re feeling ”  The Mackintosh Building, which was so badly damaged in 2014, was due to reopen next year  Fiona Stewart tweeted: “Heard news that the Glasgow School of Art is on fire again  “I really hope that’s not true. A beautiful building and it would be beyond devastating if it’s completely destroyed  “150 years after Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born. sad sad news”.  Gavin Lundy wrote on social media: “Saddened beyond words to see that Glasgow School of Art is experiencing another seemingly devastating fire, we can’t put a price on that kind of cultural heritage  “Wishing all the best and indeed the best of luck to the services dealing with the issue, devastating ”  Kris Nimbley tweeted: “Fire at the Glasgow School of Art building again, only a few years after it was gutted by fire  “Just as they were beginning to rebuild and getting set to reopen it faces devastation again  “Hope no one is seriously injured and students don’t lose too much of their hard work ”

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