GIRL CAUGHT ON FIRE PRANK!!! | Prank Academy | Episode 1

(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Shh. No! No, don’t do it! Get the hell out of here!
Get out of here! (LAUGHING) No, no! Hey, stop it, stop! The can…
I used the whole can! Get out of here! You little punk! Get out of here! (AIR HORN HONKING) Holy shit! (LAUGHING) I’m Jesse. I’m Jeana. You’ve seen us
prank each other
onPrankvsPrank.And now we’re teaching
our friends how to prank. (ENGINE REVVING) This is… (JESSE READING) (WHOOSHING AND
IMITATING EXPLOSION) What’s up, guys? We’re in the YouTube Space LA,
and today’s prankster
is iJustine. We’re gonna be pranking
Joey Graceffa. He thinks he’s
coming in to do
a cooking collaboration, but what he doesn’t know
is we’re about to prank him. We have a kitchen set,
a grill, and a stunt woman who’s
gonna get caught on fire. It’s about to be
lit up in here. Come on.
(IMITATING EXPLOSION)Prank Academy,son. You guy… (CHUCKLES) (BOTH EXCLAIM) JEANA:You guys may
already know iJustine.
She is one of the original
female YouTubers,
and she’s been
making videos since 2006.
JESSE:She loves technology,
she loves video games,
and you may have seen
some of her disastrous
cooking videos.
Today’s cooking video
is gonna be on another
level of disaster. Let’s go. JESSE: So funny… (GASPS) Oh, welcome
to your kitchen! Hi! Oh, my gosh!
It looks so awesome! This was built just
for you to prank Joey. Oh, my… Is that messed up? Hi, hi. Is that messed up? It’s so messed up,
’cause Joey’s like, “I’m so proud of you
for your YouTube show.” (ALL LAUGHING) That’s perfect.
That’s a good prankster,
so you’re doing good so far. Well, I was like,
“Joey, so I’m so excited. “YouTube built me a new set
for my new cooking show.” And he’s like,
“Oh, this is great,
I can’t wait. “What are we gonna make?” And since he likes vegan food, I was like, “We’ll make
something vegan,” so… Nice, nice. I love Joey. I’ve known him,
I feel like, since
the beginning of YouTube, so I know his reaction
is gonna be insane,
and I just can’t wait. It’s gonna be really fun. All right, this is
gonna be good. Yes! Okay, so how are we
gonna pull this off? Okay, this is how
we’re gonna pull this off. You guys are gonna be cooking
right here at this grill. Once you’re done
making your food, you’re gonna have
Joey turn off the grill. Okay. Which is very important. So you’ll have him
shut off the grill, and then you guys are
gonna take your food
and assemble your… Vega, vee-gee… Vegan. Vegan. So you’ll take
your food and assemble
your vegan burgers. Okay. This is a very
complicated prank, so we’re gonna bring in
the stunt professionals
to go over it with us. So Ryan is our
stunt coordinator, and this is Jessica.
She’s gonna be lit on fire. But before she’s on fire, she’s gonna be playing
a production assistant. For your cooking video. Thank you so much. Absolutely. Thanks for being here. Of course. Are you ready for this? I am. Are you? Oh, my gosh,
I don’t know. (LAUGHING) I mean, do you get
caught on fire often? Is that inappropriate to ask?
I’m not sure. More often than you’d think.
Yeah. Yes. So once they’re done
cooking their burgers, Joey, of course,
is gonna think he shut the grill
off correctly. ‘Cause when you
come in as a PA to maybe just check
if he shut it off correctly, we’re gonna have
this candle lit, so she’s just gonna light
herself off the candle. JUSTINE: Okay. Do you want to run
through a little bit of
what you plan to do? So the first thing,
like you said, to catch the arm on fire,
be taken by surprise. I’ll go back,
knock into this thing. Then I’m gonna
take off this way, and I’m basically
gonna be a big fireball. I’m already freaking out. He’s gonna come in,
and he’s gonna put me out. Someone’s gonna be
calling an ambulance. One of the actors is gonna ask
who shut the grill off. You should call him out. Like, “Joey was supposed
to shut the grill off.” I’m so pumped up.
Like, this is
gonna be insane. JESSE: Yeah, this
is gonna be crazy. This is gonna be crazy.
Sorry, Joey.
We’re so sorry, Joey. I’m sorry, Joey.
I’m so sorry. Thank you for being proud
of my new show, it’s not real. (ALL LAUGHING) Okay, Justine,
how do you feel? I can’t wait. I’m so ready. I’m nervous.
Do you want to
ask me how I feel? Well, to help
you during the prank, we have this special
earpiece for you. All right. You’ll be able to hear us, we’ll give you
pointers and things
to help you along the way. Let’s check it. Hi, Justine,
do you hear me? I hear you. You do hear me?
It does work? I do. Yeah. It works. It’s working. Yeah, okay, so now punch Joey.
No, don’t punch Joey. (BELL RINGS) So, iJustine,
this is a prank… (MUMBLING) So being that this
is thePrank Academy,you will be graded
on your performance. Okay, you guys
didn’t tell me this. (JEANA LAUGHING) This is bad enough
that I have to prank,
like, my best friend, and now I’m
getting graded on it. (CHUCKLES) This is terrible. (LAUGHS) So it is a pass/fail,
but we’re gonna give you
some objectives that you have to
follow to try and pass. All right. So your three
objectives are… Number one,
you have to make your
cooking episode believable, that it’s a collab
for you and Joey. Number two, you have to get
Joey to turn off the grill. And, number three,
you have to blame him for the girl
being lit on fire. Okay, this is perfect.
Those are easy. I can do this. All right,
okay, so Joey should be
getting here soon. We’re gonna stay
here in the control room and watch it all
on these monitors. Good luck, iJustine… All right. Let’s do it. I have faith in you,
I think you can do it. All right, so we’re about
to start the prank. Joey should be
here any second. We’re gonna watch
them on these monitors. I’m filming you
filming me filming you. Film-ception. This is always
the best angle. And then you come down here,
you’re like, “Oh,
you look like shit.” And then you’re up here,
it’s like, yeah. (WHEEZES) All right, if you don’t know
who Joey Graceffa is,he’s a big YouTuber.Hello, everyone.He’s a gamer, he’s a vlogger,
he does skits, he does music.
JEANA:And Justine is one
of his really good friends,
so she’s the perfect
person to prank him.
We’ve known Joey
for a long time,and he’s even
tried to prank us
in the past.
(SCREAMING) (LAUGHING) Now we get some very,
very sweet revenge on him. We’re about to get you, Joey.
You don’t even know
what’s about to go down. It’s about to be lit. JESSE:
Wow. This looks buttery!
Cameras are set.
The stage is set.
I love the way the set is.
It’s so believable. Jessica, who’s gonna
get lit on fire,she’s already in there,
like, pretending
she’s messing
with all the items.
Oh, my God, he’s here.
He’s here!
Oh, we about to start.
Joey’s about to step in. Now my heart dropped. JUSTINE: All right,
come see the set. Ahh! JEANA:Oh, my God,
they’re in there…
There they are.
It’s like a real kitchen. Oh, my God. Welcome to
Cooking With iJustine.
JESSE:He looks suspicious.Do you think he knows? No. These are all of
your ingredients. Okay. They all go in
the food processor. This is… That’s our main camera? Always your main camera. Okay. Caitlin is one
of our producers, but she’s pretending to be
one of the producers
for iJustine’s cooking show. JEANA:She’s gonna make
it more believable,
that way Joey will feel
that it’s a real episode. (GASPS) Oh, and
our buns are here! Oh, nice. Jessica’s introducing
herself to Joey, just to make sure that
he knows that she’s around. This is Joey. Hi, Joey. Hi. I’m Jessica with
the Art Department. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I have a couple more
things to bring out. JUSTINE: Okay, thank you. When are you releasing these? Well, we have to… How many are you filming? Oh, no. He’s asking
a lot of questions. Like, maybe seven to 10, depending how
quickly we can do them. Yeah. Pranking’s so stressful.
This is so stressful. All right, ready? They’re starting their
cooking show now.
Here we go. Action. Hey, everyone. Welcome
toCooking With iJustine.I’m iJustine, and this is… iJoey. (BOTH LAUGHING) Just kidding. This is Joey Graceffa. The last time we cooked,
we made cupcakes, but today, we’re gonna be
making some vegan burgers. So, now Joey’s
a big vegan fan, and I’ve actually never cooked
anything vegan in my life. Okay. Is it hard? Um, I actually have
never either, I just
buy it pre-made, so… Oh, no! This is great! I was like, “Joey’s definitely
gonna know how to cook.” No. Oh, God. Okay, that’s okay,
because guess what. We’ve already got
things pre-measured out. Okay. JEANA:He’s so handsome.I know, I’m jealous
of his hair. (CHEERING) (LAUGHING) All right,
which ingredient do you
want to put in first? Let’s put the corn in. Perfect. Oh, yeah, get it in there. How… We don’t measure. Ah… We ain’t about
that measuring life. Whatever. Wait, what’s… (SCREAMS) “P”! Pulse! “P”! “P”! Pulse… Pulse that way. (FOOD PROCESSOR WHIRRING) (LAUGHING) Vroom, vroom! Boy, this looks good! JESSE:I’m pretty sure that
Joey’s buying it so far.
He thinks he’s
on a cooking show
now with Justine. Wait, wait,
make the patties now. Okay, we’ll make
the patties. Okay. You just gotta
throw it on down. Look, it made it! Yes! Ahh! Oh! It’s perfect. (BOTH CHUCKLE) Who’s not gonna want
to be vegan after this? I don’t know. JEANA:Joey is really
buying this cooking video.
He’s all into it. So this is working out
really good so far. All right, we’re now gonna
take it over to the grill. (HUMMING) Oh… Nice and hot
and ready for us. (SINGING) Things are about to heat up. So these are looking… Oh, shoot!
I didn’t know
it was so soft. Just give it a good old smack. JEANA:Okay, Caitlin,
let’s move them away
from the grill now.
All right, I’m gonna
call a cut, um… Uh, yeah,
this is not looking well. So why don’t we move
into the world of bun prep? Okay, the burgers
are finishing up.Now Justine needs to get Joey
to shut off the grill.
Justine, have him shut it off. Do you want to
shut the grill off? I think you just… Oh… I think he does that. Just turn it to
the “off” thing.
There’s like a little… JESSE:Tell him to twist it.Tell him just twist it.
Twist it off. There’s… Just turn it
to the “off.” I think I got it. Okay. Okay, all right. All right, Joey didn’t want
to turn off the grill, but Justine did a great job
of convincing him to
do it, so we got him. He’s hooked now. He’s hooked.
Now to reel him in.
Gotta reel him in. Action, buns. Well, what we have
are some buns. Ten seconds,
she’s 10 seconds away
from going in. So just make sure
you get Joey
to start prepping. Oh, I hate tomatoes.
None for me. I like avocado, though. Wait, look, we have avocado! Okay. Perfect. We’re sending her in.
Here we go, here we go. Slap this on, slap this on. (BOTH LAUGHING) JOEY: That’s a lot
of avocad, girl. Wait, grab us a…
Grab us a burger. Oh, my God, guys, guys, guys! Holy shit! (BOTH SCREAMING) Oh, my God! Get on the ground! (SCREAMING) Get on the ground!
On the floor! Get down! Oh, my God! MAN: Just get on the ground! (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) (INAUDIBLE) (BOTH SCREAMING) Holy crap! Oh, my God! JUSTINE:
Oh, my God! Somebody get 911!
Call 911! Ask him about the grill.
Ask him about the grill. MAN: Get me
some water, somebody! Everyone stay calm… WOMAN: They’re on the way. Holy shit. Did you turn it off? Yeah, I turned it off. I thought I did. MAN: Tell them to hurry. JESSE:Should we go in?
We should go in.
We’re going in,
we’re going in.
We’re going. Here we go.
Let’s get him. Okay. Let’s get him, let’s get him. (INDISTINCT) (GASPING) What’s going on in here? Did you shut the grill off? What’s going on? Did you shut
the grill off, Joey? (ALL LAUGHING) You (BLEEP)! I felt so bad! Turn the grill off! (ALL LAUGHING) I hate you guys so much! JESSE: This is the
Prank Academy,
Joey, you’re on thePrank
right now. This was a prank? I am so sorry, Joey. So you don’t
have a show? No, I don’t have one. What! Are you kidding
me right now? I am so sorry. Wait, so…
Wait, this is so weird! This is thePrank Academy.
Justine does not
have a new show. She got you in here
to do a big prank on you. I’m gonna get you back.
I’m gonna get you all back. (LAUGHING) Oh, my God. JESSE: What were you thinking
when she was on fire? That was so scary. I was like, “Oh, my God,
am I supposed to
do something?” I don’t know. So much went through
my head, it was, like,
all in slow motion. JOEY:All up her arm,
and then it went…

(WHOOSHING)All up her back.And I was like, “Oh, shoot!”(ALL LAUGHING) How the (BLEEP)
did she just catch
on fire so quick? What about when they
started to blame you? Oh, yeah, that’s when
I was like, “Oh, my God,
what did I do?” (ALL LAUGHING) Did you turn it off? Yeah, I turned it off. I thought I did. I can’t believe this.
I really thought you
had a cooking show. Good job, Justine,
you sold it. You sold it. She did! This little
actress over here. Okay, but, honestly,
she caught on fire,
and I was losing my… Losing my shit as well. I’d like to formally
introduce you to Jessica who’s our stunt girl. Oh, my God. And, Ryan,
the stunt coordinator. (LAUGHING) Hello. You, too. Nice to meet you. Will you ever cook
with Justine ever again? Never! I’m never gonna
cook with Justine again. (LAUGHING) I have, like,
to process everything, ’cause I still think
I’m on the cooking show. (ALL LAUGHING) (BELL RINGS) It is time to give
you your grade on thePrank Academy,
iJustine. How do you feel you did? Okay. I mean,
honestly, I don’t know. I’m still in shock,
basically, from this girl
getting caught on fire. Let’s go over the objectives
and see if you’ve passed. Well, your first
objective was to make
the cooking show believable for a collab video. Your second
objective was to get
Joey to turn off the grill, and your third
objective was to blame Joey
for setting the girl on fire. Your official grade
for thePrank Academyis… Hey, everyone,
welcome to
Cooking With iJustine.
Do you want to
shut the grill off? I think I got it. Did you turn it off? Yeah, I turned it off. So with all that being said… You passed. You passed. Yay! Congratulations, you are
a YouTube Prankster, Justine. You really got him good. Yes! I never want to have to
prank anyone ever again. I don’t know how
you guys do this. I don’t, either. Thank you for watching
thePrank Academy.If you enjoyed this episode,
please smash
the thumbs up button. Special thank you
to iJustine
for coming through and pranking Joey,
and we’ll see you next time. Peace! (BELL RINGS) (BEATBOXING) (RAPPING) (LAUGHS) That’s where we have
that outro song that
we usually have.

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