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Generator fire breaks out in Georgetown home during Hurricane Dorian

The fire originated with
a portable generator. Resident heard a pop outside, felt like
something was wrong with the generator, went and checked on it and his laundry
room breaker panel was on fire. Reported that people were
trapped into the residence. Well, one person was. They were out and
no one was injured prior to our arrival. Extended about 50% across
the house into a living area. The other half of the house was preserved. No injuries with us,
no injuries with them. It’s very risky to run up
a whole generator without having the proper wiring in your house. You should have a transfer switch
to isolate your house from the electrical source. If you don’t, you’re gonna
backfeed into the power lines. And you could harm some of the linemen
out here trying to fix some of the damage we’re gonna have later on. Be aware of carbon monoxide issues. This one was right outside the back door, could have easily leaked carbon
monoxide into the living area. So if you’re gonna run a generator,
make sure you have proper wiring and make sure you keep it as far
away from the house as possible. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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