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Galena Fire Dept. opens fire station up for tours on candy on Halloween

MEPAGE.COM AN AREA FIRE DEPARTMENT GETS READY TO HOST LITTLE GHOSTS AND GOBLINS ON HALLOWEEN. IT’S AN ANNUAL EVENT IN GALENA FOR KIDS THAT LIVE IN THE SOUTHEAST KANSAS COMMUNITY TO TOUR THEIR COMMUNITY’S FIRE DEPARTMENT AND GET CANDY IN THE PROCESS. CHAD STAPLETON SAYS IT’S A GREAT WAY FOR FIRE FIGHTERS TO GET TO KNOW KIDS IN A NON EMERGENCY ATMOSPHERE. Lt. Chad Stapleton, Galena Fire Department”We hand out treats, popcorn, soda pop, to the kids, it runs from 5 to 8, we have anywhere from 8 to 9 hundred kids every year that comes through and do it, and a lot of them is a return from our fire prevention prevention program that we just did at the first of this month, so they remember me and I remember a lot of them” STAPLETON SAYS THE EVENT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR AT LEAST TWO DECADES.

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