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GA H&V and Cherokee Fire Dept present: Fire Safety for Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Hi, I’m Scarlett Giles with Georgia Hands
& Voices Guide By Your Side Program. We are partnering with Cherokee Fire Department
to make a safety video, and we want to gear this toward our Deaf/
Hard-of-Hearing children. Please watch and enjoy! So now I want to talk about the Fire
Triangle, a little bit of chemistry. It takes three elements to come together to
make and sustain a flame. Those three things are oxygen, fuel, and heat. Oxygen
is everywhere. It’s inside, it’s outside, it’s in the car, it’s in the mountains,
it’s at the ocean. Oxygen is everywhere. And fuel is defined as anything that
will burn. And most things will burn. Even some metals will burn. So all we need
then is heat. We need a heat source or an ignition source. If we have that, then we
would have all three things, and we would be able to have a fire. So you have
oxygen everywhere, you’ve got it inside, you’ve got it outside, you’ve got in the
mountains, you have it at the ocean, oxygen is everywhere. And if fuel is
defined as anything that will burn, most things will burn, even some metals will
burn. So all you need to complete that fire triangle is a heat source or an
ignition source. If you have ever went to unplug your smartphone or your tablet or
your laptop, and you feel the cord and the cord’s warm, that could be a heat source.
Especially if you charge your cell phone on your bed, in between your mattress and your pillow, it’ll keep the heat in and will very easily cause a fire. We’re
seeing more fires in bedrooms because of things that we’re charging in our
bedrooms now. We used to be okay with just having one smoke alarm on every
level of your home. Now we want one in every single sleeping area because of
the things we are charging. We also want you to sleep with your bedroom door
closed. Always sleep with your bedroom door closed. And if the smoke detector’s
in there with your door closed, you’re as safe as you can be. If a fire starts on
the outside of your bedroom, it’s going to stay outside for a longer period of
time, and it’s going to give you more time to be able to get out your window
if that’s the way you need to go. Now we’re gonna talk about fire safety
in our bedrooms. I want to talk about this first. This is called a smoke alarm.
This is an early warning system to let you know if there’s any smoke in your
room. It has a heart, it has a mouth, and it has a nose. If it smells smoke, that’s
all it does its whole life, if it smells smoke then its mouth goes beep-beep-beep really really loud to wake you up. I need to test it to make certain that
it works. We need to test our smoke alarms once a month. Watch your ears, it’s going to be really loud. Wow, pretty loud right? It has to be loud to wake us up. If
you’re in your bed and you’re asleep, and the smoke alarm wakes you up, I want you to know what to do. First thing you’re going to do is you’re going to roll out
of your bed, and you’re gonna get on the floor and you’re gonna crawl. Ok smoke is
up here. it’s up high. So we don’t want to be up here. We want to be down really low, and we want to crawl under smoke. Have you guys ever heard of “crawl low and go?” No? Crawl low and go! We want to stay low under smoke. Fire fighters even crawl
because we have to be able to see. Ok? So I want you to crawl over, crawl to the
door and see if the door is hot. But when you get to the door, I want you to reach
up really high with the back of your hand and see if the door is warm. If the
door is warm or hot, you can’t open the door. You’re gonna have to find another
way out. Ok? Ok! The second way out of gonna be a window. Every bedroom should have a door and a
window. If you can’t go out the door, then you need to be prepared to go out the
window. So, you’re gonna crawl over, you’re gonna
feel the door (it’s not going to be hot today),
then you’re gonna open the door, and you’re gonna crawl out. Now here’s where
it gets a little tricky. When you get to the stairs you can’t crawl downstairs
forward, you have to crawl downstairs backwards. If you crawl forward and you
miss a stair, you’re gonna fall all the way to the bottom of the stairs. However,
if you crawl down backwards and you miss a stair, you’re just gonna
be laying on your belly. If you straighten out, you’ll slide to the
bottom of the steps and no harm no foul. You can make it all the way outside
right? When you make it outside, there’s a special place that we have to go. It’s
called a “meeting place.” The meeting place for this classroom is a mailbox that I
brought, it’s outside. This place needs to be something that you and your parents
talk about so you all going to the same place. If you thought the meeting place
was the mailbox, and your parents thought the meeting place was a flower bed, you
might not be able to see your parents. Would you be afraid? Your parents might
not be able to see you, and I bet they would be afraid as well. So just have
that conversation. Ask your parents, where’s our meeting place if we ever have to
evacuate the house? And then once you agree on it, that’s where you need to go
and that’s where you need to stay until you’re all together again. Once you get
outside you can never go back in until a firefighter or your parents tell you
you you can. Alright? Awesome! So in just a little while we’re gonna do a fire drill.
And what we’re going to do is we’re gonna pretend we’re asleep. Can y’all
pretend you’re asleep? We’re gonna pretend we’re asleep, and I’m gonna take a cloud
out of the sky, and I’m gonna put it in this room. Alright?
It smells like cotton candy, but I need you guys to pretend it’s smoke. Can you
pretend it’s smoke? Yeah? Okay, I really need you to! And then I’m gonna set this
alarm off. When I set this alarm off, you’re gonna lead us, feel of the door,
(it’s not gonna be hot) so then you’re gonna go out the door you’re gonna go
backwards down the stairs and then crawl forward once you get to the bottom of
the stairs all the way outside to the meeting place. Now we’re gonna do a fire
drill in just a minute, but I want you guys to know what we’re gonna do. We’re
gonna take a cloud out of the sky, and we’re gonna put it in the room, and I
need you guys to pretend to smoke. I need you guys to pretend it’s smoke. It’s
gonna smell like cotton candy, we’re gonna pretend it’s smoke. Then I’m
gonna set off the alarm, and you’re gonna lead us, you’re gonna crawl over, feel of
the door, and the doors NOT going to be hot. So then you’re going to crawl out. When you get to the stairs, you have to go backwards down the stairs, you can’t go forward. If you go forward and you miss a
step, you could fall all the way to the bottom of the stairs. Then it might
injure you. If you go backwards and you miss a stair, you’re just gonna be laying
on your belly. So then just straighten out and you’ll slide all the way to the
bottom of the stairs. Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, you need to crawl
forward again until you get outside, and then go to your meeting place. Right? Okay! Is everybody ready to do this? Okay. Alright, is everybody here? Good job!
Good job. Okay now, we’re going to talk about fire
safety in and around the kitchen. We use fire in our everyday lives,
and one of the ways we use fire is to prepare food. We like to
prepare our food so it is nice, warm and safe for us to eat. We use fire in our everyday
lives, and it’s kind of like we’re using a tool. And anytime you use a tool, if you
use improperly, that could be harmful to us. Next I’d like to go ahead and point
out a few of the hazards around the kitchen that could be hot to the touch.
We’re going to start with the stovetop. When cooking on the stove, the burners
can be very hot to touch. Also for younger kids that are old enough to cook,
it’s important to make sure that the pot handles and pan handles on your oven
is turned this way to avoid knocking the pan over unto yourself,
and also keeping it out of reach from younger children. Next thing I’d like to
show you guys is the oven. The oven can reach temperatures of up to 500
degrees. Any time you take anything out of the oven, you want to make sure you
use oven mitts to take the food out so you don’t burn your hands. Many of you
might have microwaves in your home. And anytime you’re using a microwave, when your food is done, it’s a good idea to let it rest for a minute or two before taking it
out the microwave. And as a precaution, it’s not a bad idea to use oven mitts
while taking your food out of the microwave as well. This will also reduce
the risk of you burning your hands. In the event you do get a burn from any of
these items, you might want to treat it with cool water.
Parents, also teach your kids in the kitchen to keep a 3-foot barrier around
any of these hot items. That way you’ll reduce the risk of your kids getting
burned. Okay now I’m going to show you guys how I donn my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). I’m taking my hood and I’ll go ahead and put it on. Next thing I’m gonna do is step into my
boots and pull my pants up. Next thing I’m going to do is throw on my
coat. Now, I’m going to turn on my SCBA, my
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus. Next, I’m going to put on my mask. Next thing is my helmet. Next things left are my gloves. Now I’m going to hook up to breathe air. So this is a LifeTone Bedside Alarm.
It’s really, really interesting, it’s really cool. The tones of a regular smoke
alarm is actually what sets this off. When it sets this off, it has an audible
alarm that goes beep beep beep, but it also shakes this. This is called a bed
shaker. You put it in between the mattress and box spring, and when this
alarm goes off it shakes this. And that’s what wakes us up. You want to go see a
demonstration? Beep beep beep! Beep beep beep! Beep beep beep! Beep beep beep! Beep beep beep! Beep beep! Beep beep! FIRE! GET UP! Thanks for watching! Be safe from fires! Yay!! Georgia Hands & Voices and Cherokee
Fire Department would like to thank you for watching our video. For more
information, visit our websites. Thank you!!

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