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Furious Theresa May snaps at Tory MPs for mocking Jeremy Corbyn’s Grenfell tie – Today News

 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wore a bright green tie to Prime Minister’s Questions today as a tribute to the 72 victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire  But, as the families of those who died looked on from the public galleries, some Tory MPs decided to mock Mr Corbyn’s tie  Did they not know or not care?  A furious Theresa May clearly believed it was ignorance She was seen slamming colleagues mocking the Labour leader.  “It is for Grenfell,” the clearly incandescent former Prime Minister told chuntering backbenchers, as Mr Corbyn suggested they were “jealous”  It came before Mr Johnson led tributes to the victims of the fire at the start of a debate into the report  Mrs May’s comment was not caught on video, but was witnessed by Mirror and other reporters It was not clear exactly who was saying what, but several MPs were seen laughing on the Tory benches  Later on in the session, Tory Huw Merriman praised Speaker John Bercow for wearing an Arsenal tie and asked Jeremy Corbyn, also a Gunners fan, why he wasn’t wearing his ahead of the team’s clash with Liverpool tonight     Mr Merriman said: “It’s a pleasure to see you in your Arsenal tie… I’m sorry the Leader of the Opposition has not worn his own ”  “It is for Grenfell,” MPs shouted loudly back at Mr Merriman.  Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner tweeted: ” #Tory backbenchers jeering Jeremy Corbyn for the colour of his Green tie!  “It’s about respect for Grenfell Shocking lack of awareness from some Tory MPs! # PMQs ”  A Labour spokeswoman confirmed the tie was chosen in honour of Grenfell survivors MPs later stood for a minute’s silence in honour of the victims, with harrowing tributes including from Boris Johnson  Opening the Grenfell debate following PMQs, Mr Johnson said: “The bereaved, the survivors and the members of the North Kensington community joining us in the galleries today, each has their own story to tell, their perspective on what happened at Grenfell  “But over the past two-and-a-half years they have been united in their fight to uncover the truth It is not a fight they would ever have chosen. But it is one that they have taken up with determination, with dedication and with great dignity  “Yet their exceptional tenacity in seeking justice has not always been matched by their faith in the system’s ability to deliver This is no surprise. After all, they have been let down many times before.  “Too often overlooked and ignored in the months and years before the tragedy and shamefully failed by the institutions that were supposed to serve them in the days and weeks after it ”  It comes after survivors of the fire welcomed a damning report that said London Fire Brigade (LFB) breached national guidelines through “gravely inadequate” preparation  Sir Martin Moore-Bick said the absence of a plan to evacuate the tower was a “major omission” by the LFB and more lives could have been saved had the “stay-put” policy been abandoned sooner  There was also an absence of training to help incident commanders recognise when this might be necessary, the inquiry judge said  Bereaved family members said it was “heartbreaking” that more of their loved ones could have been saved, but some organisations questioned inquiry chairman Sir Martin’s assertion that evacuation would have been possible  Some of his 46 recommendations require “urgent action” from the Government and others with responsibility for the “oversight and direction” of the emergency services, he said in a letter to the Prime Minister  MPs debated the findings of the report after PMQs, with Boris Johnson saying London awoke that day to an “ugly scar of black smoke” and “scene of horror and desperation”  “What happened that night was anything but normal,” the Prime Minister said.  Party leaders including the Prime Minister work the bright green heart badge which is also part of the campaign to never forget the victims of the fire  A Labour spokesman later said the Tory MPs’ behaviour was “contemptible”.  He said: “I think that’s fairly contemptible because as you will be aware he was wearing a green tie as a mark of respect for the victims of the Grenfell disaster  “Those Tory MPs mocking his tie would be better supporting justice for the families and victims of the Grenfell fire and those who have died in similar conflagrations and deliver safety and protection for people living in tower blocks across the country ”


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